pearl castle

A bit late, but this was from January 19th, just around the time of Dine Out Vancouver
The average price range per person would be $10-$15, or $5-$7 for drinks alone.
I’ve only ever recall being here a couple times during my highschool years and finding it average. However, I can say that this will be my last visit, since there are so many other bubble tea spots in Richmond with so much left to offer.

We ordered the beef brisket hot pot, extreme spicy beef noodle, pepper & salt chicken knee and a honey green tea to share.

DSC_2046The drink was average, so nothing to complain but the fact that both of us found it bit too sweet. (and i love sweets)

DSC_2052The beef brisket hotpot was a tomato soup base. Nothing special with that as well, just felt like something was missing. Like the tomato flavour wasn’t strong enough. Like most bubble tea places, their main dishes come with rice (if it wasn’t a rice dish already), dessert and sometimes side dishes. But in the case of Pearl Castle, their dessert was the cheaply bought cup jellos, which was a disappointment because most places would rather make their own.

DSC_2056My noodles were the hugest disappointment of the whole meal. for their so called ‘extreme spicy’ it was just an overload of chili oil on their original house noodle soup. As shown in the picture above, even though a bit out of focus, it was just a whole half inch of straight up oil, which didn’t even add any spiciness in my opinion.

DSC_2058Last but not least was the chicken knuckle, which we didn’t finish and ended up packing. It was tasteless and lacking in pepper, and the restaurant did not have any mayonnaise when we asked which was a huge surprise.

Overall, both Fatboy and I were not satisfied, but glad we came early because a huge crowd of people were waiting around the time we left.

pearl castle
3779 sexsmith road
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