boiling point

Boiling Point has quickly become one of my favorite places for a quick lunch fix.


Being the first franchised store outside of the US, with minimum decor, they serve 10 hot pots jammed packed with goodies that go well with their perfect soup bases. Ranging in six different levels of spiciness, extra add-ons if you’re feeling hungry, your regular bubble tea menu and a recent addition of the popular Taiwanese snowflake ice dessert.

For those that don’t know what a ‘hot pot’ is, it is just as the name implies; a hot pot with a certain soup flavour, boiling with veggies, meat and whatever you want inside. In the case of Boiling Point, they already have the predetermined ingredients in personal sized pots, except for the last 3 that come in large sizes only.

I say this is the perfect lunch spot, even though they do have dinner, because of the prices. Lunch starts from 11am-3pm with the prices being $10.99 for the regular sized pots, and $14.99 for the large ones. Dinner just a dollar more, ending at 11pm. Both includes a bowl of rice, however, lunch includes a complimentary drink of either green or red tea! So after doing the math, it makes for a much better deal, and I always have leftovers to be enjoyed for later whether or not I had any add-ons.


(left to right) Chili Oil, Chili Bean Sauce, Garlic Soy Sauce

Aside from the hot pots, they also have their famous dipping sauces. My favorite has to be the chili oil and garlic. The chili oil packs so much flavour and heat without being oily, and the garlic sauce, words just can’t describe. They also sell packaged jars of their sauces, all except for the garlic, along with an extra piquant sauce and old fashion barbecue sauce.


Taiwanese Spicy Hot Soup (large)

The only one I ever order because I love spicy foods, this one only comes in flaming spicy while others you can choose. All I can say is that I could drink up all the soup, and ask for seconds and maybe even thirds for to go. I had to add more chili oil in mine, same with my friend, because we’re insane. As my boyfriend puts it.


Thai Flavour Hot Soup (large)

Fatboy can’t take our insane level of spiciness, decided to go for the Thai one since he had tried their Tomato Veggie before. It had full flavours of the Thai tom yum goong soup and lemongrass. Just lacking a bit in spicy in my opinion since he chose mild, but still good nonetheless.


(left to right) Lamb, Beef


Foochow Fishballs, Quail Eggs

Us being fatties, ordered a few add-ons. The Foochow Fishballs is a must try if not anything else. Some hot pots have one included in them, but one is not enough. It is essentially your regular fishball, made out of fish paste, only difference is the surprise filling comprised of minced pork. The add-ons usually come out cold, therefore you’d have to put them in while the soup is still boiling, or request to have them in beforehand so you can enjoy them on time.

Overall, good place to dine at. Service can be a bit slow, or even nonexistent since there’s not much for them to do after they take and deliver your order. In terms of cleanliness, it’s pretty spotless, aside from the random fruit flies that came midway through our meal. We still continued to enjoy ourselves after they were shooed away. Like always, especially with all these add-ons, we still had enough to take home. You can also ask them to add more soup for you, free of charge.

They also have those loyalty stamp cards where you receive one stamp for each hot pot, and a free one on your 10th stamp. Not to mention their little candies that come with the bill. It’s like a hard, clear honey type candy, with those Chinese dried plums inside. Yums. I’ve made it my goal to try their different soup bases at least once, least their more interesting ones, so hopefully there will be an update to this post in the near future.

boiling point
130 – 4800 no. 3 road
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