michigan noodle house

I love wontons! Not so much for the noodles, but the dumplings and soup itself.

We usually go to their ex-brother location, it’s complicated, McNoodle House, but decided to try this place out instead for our afternoon meal.
Walking in, it looks like one of those old-fashioned Chinese restaurants you see in movies. Having not been that busy since we skipped the rush hour, we got to choose where we wanted to sit at.

Our booth was very roomy, but the table seemed like it needed to be wiped down again. Our server(s) were not to very attentive, or even bothered with us at all aside from serving food. We had to ask for water two times and raised our hands for what seemed more like a minute for even the bill. One of our orders were wrong, but being somewhat as a fast food type of place, it was replaced quickly. Even though we did come back a few times, because the food was the only redeeming factor, service was still the same.

Enough with the rants, lets start with the food!


Wonton Lo Mein


Shredded Pork In Spicy Brown Sauce Lo Mein  (thick noodles)


Traditional Wonton Noodle Soup (small)

Their portions are very honest. My wonton soup, despite being a small, is a regular size at most noodle shops. Even though the wontons were leaning more towards the small size, I still got 6 of them. The others ordered lo mein, which is just the same thing, but without the noodles being inside the soup. In Chinese it literally means ‘mix noodle’, and that’s how one usually eats it. Add chili oil, red vinegar, the soup, etc. and mix to your liking. A plus here is that they have lettuce to go with it, if we knew that we wouldn’t have side ordered an extra serving of one.


Gai Lan with Oyster Sauce


Pork Hock with Jellyfish

The gai lan was a little bigger than average, but a bit overcooked. The second side dish was only ordered cause I like to eat the jellyfish things, or fukahire kurage in Japanese. It came out HUGE! Always a plus, and underneath were pickled carrots and daikon which I really enjoy as well. Even though I wanted the century egg version of it instead, the pork hock was pretty good, even better than most places.

The bill came to roughly over $35 with taxes and tip, but considering the portion size and food, it was acceptable.
Recommended, but don’t expect much service wise though.

michigan noodle house
8580 alexandra road
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