the hastings warehouse

I loved Famous Warehouse on Granville since my friend had brought me there few years back. Interior is dark and loud, plastered with stickers and posters. There are also funky smells, probably from liquor spilling on the carpets, and foods scraps rotting in the corner. You do not go there for service, you do not go there for decor or anything fancy, what you go there for is the food. $4.95 EVERYTHING on the menu, and the eats are above what you expect for the price. Noted with some hit and misses.

I was excited to see a new location had opened up on Hastings, hoping it would be a bit more clean and tidy with new items to order as I always just get the burgers.


Jalapeño Poppers; creamy jalapeño cheese filled jalapeño, battered and deepfried


Cross Section of the heavenly goodness. It came fresh from the fryer pipping hot, with the insides just oozing out. The cheesy sauce is not overpowering, with the bits of jalapeño inside it adds just the right amount of kick.


Chicken Wings; salt & pepper with ranch dip

Judging by the lack of sauce, I believe this was salt and pepper. Was considerably small, and tad on the dry side. However, it fares a lot better than most wing places on wings’ night.


Sunday Steak Dinner; steak & prawns on mashed potatoes

For $6.95 every Sunday you can have a decent, tender piece of steak, with one single prawn on creamy mash. I could not really pinpoint what kind of cut the meat was, but for it to be $6.95 it probably wasn’t a very high grade cut. Which leads me to think, what they did to make it so tender and juicy! Either a lot of baking soda was used to tenderize the meats, or a kitchen staff was rigorously hammering away each morning before dawn, I’m hoping for the later. Nothing to complain about the mash.


Famous Caesar; with the works – bacon wrapped shrimp

The cost for food is able to be so low, is to attract patrons to come in and grab a drink. The ‘secret’ mix they add to their caesars makes it one of the best I’ve ever had. I decided to be adventurous and add on the skewer of bacon wrapped prawn for about $2 extra. Totally worth it.

Overall, good place for a cheap quick bite. Definitely a dive type of bar.

the hastings warehouse
156 west hastings
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