world wrap place

Historical Gastown, where the most wondrous of things can be found in the most smallest of nooks right around the corner.

In this case, literally a window on the wall, a happy-go-lucky fellow serves up a quick fix lunch for the ever so busy downtowners.


Even though I used to frequent Fabric, the night club beside this shop, I’ve never noticed this stand before. It only came to my attention during my lunch break, walking down Gastown trying to find something to eat. I’ve tried everything off their menu except for the falafel and combo dishes, and now that I no longer live close, I still come back for old times sake.


Serving donair Halifax style, he always has a smile on his face no matter the weather or time. He recognized me even after my long absences, maybe he was just being friendly or I have one of those easy to remember faces, but service like that just warms you up in a city like Raincover. You can just smell the aroma from the meat, as it turns and cooks in the spit. I’ve always wondered how they got the meat to stay and get that way.

It’s a shame that they don’t have lamb, but their chicken is to die for. So juicy and tender, in my opinion it’s better than the beef. He loads up each wrap with love, along with the following ingredients of iceberg lettuce, tomato, red onions, tzatziki and their hot sauce. Unless you’re getting the Mexican style, then I think there’s an addition of cheese and jalapenos.


Just look at the size of that thing! It fills you up, with not the wrap but the filling, unlike most places. I like how the wrap is so thin, that is because he opens the pita bread in the middle before stuffing this monster to the brim. The hot sauce is more of a Louisiana type sweet hot sauce, with the tzatziki being yogurty and tart, it makes a good balance. This is a very messy eat, so I suggest you sit down, or try to walk slowly. Or else you will find yourself having leftovers all over your jacket for later.


I had to finish my wrap inside the car because it started to rain, as it always does in Vancouver. This is a picture of it, half-eaten, yet it’s still overflowing with love. Even just writing this post, my mouth is salivating and craving for one of these bad boys already.

world wrap place
101 – 68 water street
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