nikko sushi

This Nikko Sushi is not to be mistake for another with the same name located in Abbotsford or Langley, for those seem to have better reviews and a bigger fan base. Not to say that this one was bad, just a bit ‘off’.

Once ever few months, I would go to Point Roberts to pick up goods I buy online that only ship to US. I’ve driven by the sushi joint many times since it was along that way. For that day, feeling starved, it was either going to be my default Subway or give that place a try.

Entering I was greeted with a very, maybe even overly, energetic waitress that said to grab a seat anywhere since they just finished their lunch rush. Since some of their tables weren’t properly cleaned yet, I chose the bar which also gave me a better look at how the food was prepared.

I was worried after I located the kitchen, but was too late since I already placed my order.


That little nook in the corner beside the cash desk is their kitchen, with a standard sized sushi bar on the other side. The shop is Korean owned and run, aside from the one Caucasian waitress serving me. A few tables came in after I ordered too so it gave me hope that their food was at least going to be decent.

Like your typical ‘white’ Japanese restaurants, they had bento boxes and combos for lunch, but I opt for the a la cart to try out their menu.


Saba & Tamago Nigiri; marinated mackerel & egg omelet


Ikura & Toro Nigiri; salmon roe & tuna belly


Spicy Chopped Scallop Temaki

I ordered all my favourites and must try staples. Even though it was a small place, I appreciate that the chef added wasabi inside the sushi, even though most people don’t like it that way. The Saba was very dry, but had good flavour, so I’m assuming that it’s the packaged ones. It also felt weird that they wrapped it with a piece of nori, but I guess that’s just their way of doing it. Tamago, you can tell are made in house, but was quite bland for my taste. As for Ikura and Toro, they’re both your average sushi restaurant types. Ikura wasn’t the sweet ones though.

The spicy sauce for the chopped scallop tasted like sriracha plus mayo, but I’m amazed of their work ethics, or maybe it’s because they weren’t that busy. Even then, all my food was made to order. The scallops were chopped and mixed with tobiko right on the spot, unlike most that have them partly pre-made. All the fish were then wrapped in new saran wrap after being cut.

This got me excited to see what my Nabeyaki would have to offer, but what came was a complete let down.


Nabeyaki Udon

From my understanding and knowledge of Nabeyaki Udon, what came to my table was a huge disappointment. I have to admit their portion is huge, but wrong in more ways than one. The shrimp tempura were missing, and replaced with tempura bits. I have no idea why there’s deep fried tofu in there, along with bits of seafood when there should just be chicken. The soup base tasted as if they just boiled everything with water, and didn’t even bother using dashi. Only thing resembling a Nabeyaki, is the half boiled egg.


Apparently all kitchen food comes with a small side of tempura for lunch, maybe for dinner as well. “I finally got my shrimp for my udon!” Was my initial thought until I took a bite. Overly battered and oily, I ended up packing the rest.

Verdict; for a quick fix, especially their raw foods since the price is reasonable, is alright. Or even their combos since it’s a good deal if you’re around town, but would not recommend their kitchen foods.

nikko sushi
1270 56 street
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