sol sun belt cookery

For the past few posts I’ve started using my TRYX camera because it’s more convenient, and after my dinner here I find it works even better with dark restaurants. Especially less noticeable than carrying my DLSR to fine dining, there is still a bit of weird shadows from the LED flash, but I’m happy with the overall results.

Decided to join my friend for dinner since he had a voucher for SoL Sun Belt Cookery, it was both our first time there but I already had a mediocre feeling towards their menu they had online, but as the saying goes you should never judge a book by its cover.

We sat by the window with a pretty good view, we noticed that there were three large parties that sat in separate sections, but all seem to know each other. There was live music in the back, with a two-woman band, one singing and the other on guitar. I found it overly loud, espeically for this type of ambiance, and when they weren’t playing, nothing else was.


Kris pinot gris

We ordered a bottle of white before anything, Kris Pinot Gris. It was very sweet and easy to drink as we glanced over their menu again.


Kasbah Kababs; North African spiced certified Angus beef, house ground beef brochettes, harissa


Mushrooms Bruschetta; mixed mushroom, garlic, chervil Parmesano Reggiano

The first set of appys finally arrived. The kababs were really tasty, with a good amount of spices and herbs, but I found them a bit dry. The mushroom bruschetta came as this huge slice of bread, not the way I’m used to getting my bruschettas served. It made it a bit difficult to share, but was worth working for. Just how the mushrooms were cooked, the flavours and how everything was combined. Delicious.


Pinot Noir Braised Short Ribs; winter vegetables and potato puree


Pan Seared Sable Fish; corn relish, vanilla parsnip puree and citrus beurre blanc

Because of how good the mushrooms tasted in the bruschetta, we also ordered a side of their Valley Mushrooms; tossed in Marsala, garlic and chervil. I don’t have a picture of them because our server forgot to put in the order until we reminded him. He was super friendly and apologized, got it made right away, and took it off our bill.

I really wanted to try their Braised Lamb Shank Tagine, but my friend is allergic to rosemary, so I went for the ribs instead. Boy was that a good call. The ribs were fall-off-the-bone, if it had a bone, and the right amount of fat. The Pinot Noir gave it a bit of a vinegary taste, but I loved it. I really like how they put the mash underneath the meat, cause I usually like eating it with the sauce, and in most places they never give enough. I literally licked everything off the plate.

The fish was very buttery by itself, and even more with the puree. My friend found it a bit too heavy, and wished there was something else there to cut in on the creaminess of the dish.


Cheese Cake; almond honey glaze cup, berry compote


Poached Pear; mascarpone creme

The ending to any good meal, is a good dessert, and these don’t disappoint. I thought it was a typo when I saw the word ‘cheesecake’ separated, but when the dish was brought out I realized that was not the case. the ‘cheese cake’ came out in pudding form, but still had all the flavours of a traditional cheesecake. Didn’t feel much for the berry compote, but enjoyed the honey glazed cup.

I think the pear was poached in the same berry compote, which made it a bit too tart, but the creme did help in toning it down a bit.

Aside from having a romantic ambiance and a nice view, this place has wonderful and knowledgeable staff. We felt the warmth and love not only in the food, but in the people as well. As we continued our second bottle of wine, the chef, Abdel Elatouabi himself, went to every table to ask how everything was, and how they enjoyed their night with minor small talk. This type of interaction is very rare in fine dining nowadays, especially the more mainstream and busy restaurants, but I think this is what made this experience stand out to me the most.

Definitely coming back!

sol sun belt cookery
100 – 550 denman street
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