the one restaurant

It has been a long time since my last post, and I feel bad for not being able to update more often on a regular basis. I’ve dined out so much through the past few months, and my picture archive is rapidly expanding, hopefully I’ll get caught up to my most recent eats.

I’ve wanted to try this place out ever since seeing pictures of their humongous bubble teas all over Facebook.

The exterior of the restaurant looks pretty shabby, with the decor inside being what you would find at a host club or drinking bar. However, it does well in hitting its target market. As the name ‘The One’ implies, it is THE one place where you can get huge portions on a low price. The One brings in teenagers and post-secondary students that are living on low budgets but still want their trendy bubble tea fixes, as well as family that want a decent and satisfying meal without paying a fortune.

My friend did warn me before we ordered, but as a party of three consisting of two hungry guys, I thought we did pretty well for ourselves.


Fresh Watermelon Slush

I HAD to order their slushie bubble tea to see for myself how big it actually is. For $6.25, it is pretty big, but then again its just ice. I asked for less sweet because I hate how some places overload on the sugar syrup, but it turned out to be a mistake. Since watermelon was still not in season, my drink came out tasting very bland.


Braised Beef Flank & Tendon with Noodle In Spicy Soup

The soup was average, it tasted like all the other bubble tea restaurants. It wasn’t that spicy, but just enough, with the tendon being cooked perfectly.


Korean Kimchi Fried Rice

For $9.99, this is HUGE! My friend, claiming that he finished a whole order before, had to have this packed up. Probably because we ordered too much. The flavours were confusing for this one, being told it was kimchi I didn’t really get that out of it. It tasted more sweet and sour than spicy and sour.


Deep Fried Pork Large Intestine


Spicy Wontons


Sliced Beef In Pancake


Sliced Pork with Garlic Sauce

For appetizers, their portions was, once again, enormous. I really enjoyed the thick sweet soy-based dipping sauce that came with the intestines and sliced pork, it goes well with both the dishes with the addition of raw garlic that comes on the side. The wontons were the right spiciness, but felt a little over cooked and soggy. While the pancake was a last minute decision, it was very tasty and super filling even for the next meal.

Overall, The One is a fairly mediocre and typical bubble tea place, serving fast and huge for cheap. Though some of their quality and standards might be lacking, especially service, that is unless you speak Mandarin, it’s a pretty good spot to go to if your wallet is leaning towards the thin side yet you’re feeling hungry. However, for me, I’d rather spurge a little bit more for better.

the one restaurant
5908 kingsway
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