sockeye city grill

June in Vancouver means sun and nice weather, and every Vancouverite wants part in it, whether you’re born and raised here or just visiting. That means beaches and patios will be filled, especially for a tourist attraction spot like Steveston, the lineups are endless. There are only two dockside restaurants there, one being Shady Island, the other Sockeye City Grill. Our party of 3 had left names in both restaurants seeing which one would be faster.


Crispy Yam Fries; served with chipotle aioli

Nicely fried and very well seasoned. The chipotle aioli is very normal, didn’t do much to help enhance the fries.


Steamed Mussels; lemon garlic dill broth & garlic bread

Plump, juicy mussels, look how big they are! Broth is very light, brings out the sweetness of the shellfish.


Prime Rib Beef Burger; on Terra Breads sesame seed challah bun caramelized onion jam, lettuce, tomatoes and caesar salad

As you can tell from the picture, plain and simple burger with the usual garnishing. The patty was dry and lacked flavour, had to load up on ketchup and tabasco. The salad was average.


Oyster Burger; on a Terra Breads sesame seed challah bun served with citrus aioli, lettuce, tomatoes and fries

I like how they use Terra Breads as their bread supplier, however, none of the buns were toasted or sauced, making the buns very average. Which I do not think does the brand any justice, as I don’t see any difference from this and a regular Superstore brand if they had not listed the bakery. The oyster burger was a fail. Two small, soggy oysters that were heavily battered (I don’t even know how that’s possible), together with a lemony mayo was just a disappointment. The crispy fries were a bigger star than the burger.


2PC Halibut Fish & Chips; coated with home made beer batter, served with fries, coleslaw and our own tartar sauce

Now this is where it’s at. The batter was nice and crispy, locking in the moist and flaky halibut. But then again, how can one mess up halibut? Even if it were overcooked, the fish tends to still be moist and buttery. The addition of raisins in the slaw was kind of weird, but added a nice sweet, chewy texture to it.

I would come back for just the mussels and fish and chips alone as everything else was just average.

sockeye city grill
3800 bayview street
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