guu garlic

Fatboy and I had some errands to run that day in North Van, so we decided to make a quick pit stop and try lunch at Guu Garlic for a change since we haven’t had Guu in awhile.


Guuu’d Ale; Guu original beer, produced by Russell Brewery

We decided to get a beer to share, seeing that Guu has their own ale, Fatboy was excited to try. I am not a beer person, so my views my be biased when I said I did not like this beer. I didn’t even enjoy it slightly enjoy the flavours of it as I do when I sample other beers off my friend. Even for Fatboy, he was not a big fan of it either. It had a weird hoppiness to it, and an overly bitter aftertaste. It was hard even taking a second sip, Fatboy took one for the team and finished ¾ of the bottle.


House Green Salad

I believe this was on the house, like with Suika, during lunch hours. It had your typical citrusy Japanese salad dressing with a lot of fresh greens. They did not skimp out on the tomatoes and cucumbers.


Ebi Mayo; deep fried prawn with chili mayo

For starters we had the ebi mayo and chicken karaage. The ebi mayo was standard, lightly battered and friend perfectly. The sauce was your typical ebi may sauce (thousand island), with a hint of sriracha. The addition of shrimp crackers were nice.


Karaage; deep fried chicken with garlic mayo

I believe it is the same battered used for the ebi mayo that was used here, however, didn’t work as nicely as it did the prawns. It felt a bit under seasoned, with only the garlic mayo giving it any flavour. I much prefer the Taiwanese “salt & pepper chicken” more.


Scallop Pizza; baked naan with scallops & cheese

We saw this on their special menu, and had to order it to see if it would be the same as Manzo’s scallop pizza as in the description suggests, they both use the same base. The naan was topped with a garlicky sauce, sprinkled with baby scallops and loaded with cheese mix. Overall the flavours were good, but the execution was lacking as I found the naan to  be under baked for the amount of cheese and sauce. It was a bit soggy versus Manzo’s which was crispy and slightly burnt on the bottom.


Katsu Curry Rice; “haccho-miso” braised beef curry on rice with pork cutlet

Fatboy loves his curry, so of course we had to get this. The curry tasted like your average Gilico brand from any asian supermarkets, I couldn’t really pick out the haccho-miso braised beef as the addition of tonkatsu sauce kind of overpowered everything else. Fatboy finished it nonetheless.

Lunch service was a bit rushed and sub par for me, though I would still like to give it another shot if there are no other places around in the area.

guu garlic
1698 robson street
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