tugboat annie’s pub & grille

Working in the middle of nowhere, you have to make do with what you can get in your limited time when you forget to bring lunch.

Looking around on Google Maps, hours prior to my lunch break, I came across Tugboat Annie’s. Unless you work around here, or heard recommendations of the place, you will not venture our so far to know that such a place existed. It is a grungy looking pub, set to be for middle aged men and their game nights, tucked all the way at the end of Graybar Rd. Looking through their menu, I saw the words “Lamb” and “Burger” together, and I knew it was a calling.


Lamb Burger; fire grilled lamb burger topped with tomato onion chutney, chrispy onion straws, lettuce, tomato, mustard & mayo on a sesame kaiser

Oh fancy fancy, with words like ‘fire grilled’, ‘chutney’ and ‘sesame kaiser’ (which just means a sesame burger bun) it did not match my image when I walked into the establishment. Having limited time, I opt for to-go so that I could enjoy it in the office. All Annie’s burgers are served with either fries, mixed greens or daily soup. You can upgrade to caesar salad or sweet potato fries for just a couple dollars more.

I got the salad, just to say I was eating healthy. They had a huge array of dressing you can choose from, I got the Blue Ranch (blue cheese & ranch). As you can see in the picture, some of the lettuce greens were bit wilted and turning yellow, I just picked those away, which left me with just a few pieces leafy greens, one tomato and cucumber.

On to the main event, the burger. The patty wasn’t juicy, leaning a bit towards the leaner side, but the gameyness won me over. The chutney was sweet and tangy, which actually worked well with the gameyness of the burger. The fried onions, I’m assuming shallots given their size, gave just the right amount of crunch and texture along with the pickle. The kaiser held everything nicely together, it didn’t get mushy or fall apart with all that was going on inside.

I’ll definitely come back for the lamb burger, maybe even sit at the patio as it is somewhat on the waters.

tugboat annie’s pub & grille
6911 graybar road
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