red flaming teppanyaki

Red Flaming Teppanyaki was a new joint that took over HKYK Seafood Hot Pot Restaurant by Aberdeen Center, I never really enjoyed HKYK so it was nice to see something new. With the Japanese food craze in Vancouver, I found it surprising that there aren’t a lot of teppanyaki restaurants to choose from. That being said, Fatboy and I decided to stop by for lunch just a few weeks after their grand opening, in hopes that they would have worked out minor kinks and problems already.


House Fruit Salad


House Green Salad

Fatboy and I chose the set lunch menus. I went for the seafood, which consisted of prawns and black cod, Fatboy got the meatlovers which had ribeye steak. All sets came with either a choice of house green or fruit salad, miso or cream soup, and stir fried vegetables.  The same Italian dressing was used for both salads, which didn’t really work with the fruit one. The addition of the mayo on my green salad just looked like an after thought.


FLAME! Our server was nice and had a nice smile, though not really talkative, preformed the usual teppanyaki acts such as the slamming of spatulas, sizzling sauces and roaring flames.


Mushroom Cream Soup

Very watered down with mushrooms that were intended to feed ants. It tasted of canned soup, and adding on the scraps of mushrooms that were chopped to reduce waste.



Unfortunately I had forgotten to take a picture of the final product for the black cod, so all you have left with is are the prawns. Aside from the 3 dipping sauces, a sweet soy-based sauce for meats, a garlicky spicy sauce, and a citrus mustardy sauce that was intended for seafood, each mains were accompanied by their own sauce that was supposed to compliment the meats itself.

The prawns and cod was cooked nicely, but then again you can’t really over cook black cod. The plating could have needed some work.


AAA Angus Ribeye Steak

The steak was cooked nicely, and size wise was pretty fair given the price. Only complaint was that it was not placed on a new or separate dish, as the sauce from the previous prawns were mixing with the meat juices.



Your typical veggies, nothing of interest.


Live Jumbo Scallops

Fatboy and I still felt somewhat hungry, so we decided to add on 2 pieces of the jumbo scallops and the duck breast. The scallops were huge! though being advertised as “live”, they were not shown to us in the shell yet came on the plate that you see resting on the grill.


Fresh and sweet, the sauce went really well with this dish.


Duck Breast 

The duck was served of a sweet plum sauce, just like the ones you use for Chinese BBQ ducks. They were a little bit overdone for me, yet not enough of the fat was rendered making it not too pleasant to eat.

Even though we did add on two extra items, the teppanyaki lunch sets seemed rather steep. They also had a sushi bar and were doing specials for California rolls which leads me to think they might have an identity crisis on hand; as their decor and teppanyaki prices are indication of a high end restaurant, their service and certain food items makes you think it would be something from a Chinese-run Japanese all-you-can-eat restaurant instead.

red flaming teppanyaki
180 – 4260 number 3 road
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