gang nam korean bbq

Dinner after our skydiving adventures at Gang Nam, the Korean BBQ joint that took over for Maruchu – a Japanese BBQ restaurant. We found the name to be rather amusing, as at the time Gangnam Style was a major hit.

The decor and grills were still the same as when it was Maruchu, minus the happy wife and husband duo. Pricing on the menu was rather expensive, though given the fact that most Korean BBQ are if you were to order à la carte.


Sangchulettuce wraps with garlic soybean paste


Banchankorean side dishes – green salad, kimchi, kelp salad with gochujang dressing, sautéed broccoli & tofu, sweet potatoes

Service was a bit slow with half the restaurant filled. We waited a bit for the banchans to come out, so that we would have something to munch on when drinking while waiting for our food to arrive. We ordered a few beers to start, then just stuck to Seol Jung Mae, a Korean plum wine.

The banchans and sangchu wraps were average, they also charge you each time you refill a dish unlike other BBQ establishments I’ve been to.


Beef Tongue


Premium Bonless Beef Short Rib


Pork Jowl

We ordered the BBQ Dinner Combo which consisted of the above and Gang Nam Bulgogi which I did not take a picture of. The meats were at the same grade as Maruchu, being super fresh and good cuts. I liked how not all the meats were heavily marinated with the typical Korean BBQ sauces, you can really taste natural flavours of all the meats.

I was too hungry and preoccupied grilling the food to take anymore pictures, but we also ordered few more meat dishes and items such as the Kimchi Hotpot – spicy stew made with ripened kimchi, pork, vegetables & tofu, it was a good size to be shared for everyone to try a few spoonfuls. The Bulgogi Bibimbop – hot stone bowl of rice topped with stir fried beef, was good with the bowl heated just right to form the perfect crust. Last but not least, the honorable mentions; Yuk-hwe – Korean style beef tartar, Pa-jeon – seafood & vegetables pancake, and the Jap-che – stir fried beef with vermicelli & vegetables were all excellently executed.

I would love to come back and try their lunch combos, as that seems to be a pretty good deal price-wise compared to their dinner.

gang nam korean bbq
2065 – 4580 number 3 road
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