tapioca cafe

Lunching with the boys before heading out to Abbotsford for skydiving. I’ve been wanting to try this place for a while now since they’ve (re)opened. Still being called Tapioca Cafe in English, yet with a much cuter name in Chinese; 三年一班, which translate to “third year, class room one”. Also I was told the servers wore school uniforms.


Deep Fried Chicken Nuggets; garnished with deep fried basil


Oyster Omelet


Taiwanese Sausage

The menu came in a hand drawn and typed up file folder. They took the name very literal, as the tables and chairs looked like an average high school cafeteria. There was even a chalkboard that listed some specials, writing and pictures, very cute. We started with a few appys to share. The chicken nuggets, which are my favourite and must-orders for most bubble tea restaurants was a disappointment here. The batter felt kind of dull and not crispy, even though the chicken was very juicy inside. There was also not much flavouring, we had to ask the server to bring over mayo to which she was somewhat confused about the request.

Oyster omelet was alright, it had a fair amount of small smoked oysters, the sauce sweet chili chicken sauce didn’t go too well with the dish however. The sausages were lightly fried, can’t really go wrong with that. I just wished they treated the garlic that was served with the dish, either deep fry them as well or have them seared.


Chili Beef Tripe with Rice


Deep Fried Pork Cutlet with Noodles in Soup


Chili Garlic Pork Belly with Rice


Taiwanese Beef Noodlewith spicy soup

All rice meals came with side dishes, which for today consisted of roasted honeyed yam and tomatoes & egg. Both side dishes were rather sweet than savoury.

My beef noodles had a nice rich flavour, without being overly spicy. As compared to my friend’s noodle soup which was rather bland. His cutlet was deep fried and doused in tonkatsu and mayonnaise, which he felt was a bit too much. The breading was nice though.

Nothing much needs to be said bout the garlic pork belly and tripe, they were average like what you could get at any dim sum place.


A few of the guys got the same dish, so we ended up just sharing everything. It was average, nothing too exciting, but with others to choose from this would not be my first choice. Service was rather slow, there was only 2 other tables aside from us, however the servers were nice and friendly. The servers were wearing the Asian school uniforms which consisted of a sailor skirt, white short-sleeved button down and a ribbon. The bill even came in the tin pencil cases I used as a kid back in elementary. The overall attention to details was a nice touch, too bad the food wasn’t up to par to compliment it all.

tapioca cafe
1438 – 8388 capstan way
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3 thoughts on “tapioca cafe

    • This was an old post. However, there was a ‘Tapioca Cafe’ that had closed previous to this one. This ‘Tapioca Cafe’ reopened in the same spot but with a different Chinese name.

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