the flying pig – yaletown

Fatboy and I were scrolling down Yaletown looking for a quick bite, when I chanced upon a really cute signage of a balloon being tied to a pig. The establishment was named appropriately so, The Flying Pig had numerous pig-themed statues and decorations located throughout the restaurants.

It was rather quite busy being on a Monday, however, since we never mind the bar, we were seated within 15 minutes of waiting.


House Salmon Samplerlocal wild salmon – maple candied salmon, salmon cake, lox-style smoked salmon

Fatboy and I decided to give this a try, it seemed interesting mainly because the menu didn’t list what the sampler included, all it said was ‘all local wild salmon’. The smoked and candied salmon was nicely done, but I still personally prefer Fish Counter’s candied sockeye more. The salmon cake was interesting, because I don’t think I’ve tried it anywhere else before. It was flaky and not at all dry, the sauce with the ikura were to die for.


Andrew’s Pulled Pork Poutineorganic pemberton valley potatoes

I was craving for something cheesy, yet wanted something small since we weren’t feeling too hungry. Looking at the sides the poutine caught my eye, the pulled pork was just the cherry-on-top. The dish came bubbling with the aromas of sweet, sweet cheesy goodness. However, to my disappointment, the fries were not crisp enough to stand up to the lava-ous cheese, with the pulled pork just falling short. Don’t get me wrong, the pork was melt-in-your-mouth tender, but just felt lacking in that BBQ flavour.


Red Wine Braised Beef Short Ribroasted bone marrow & aged white cheddar mash

Finally onto the main, and highlight of the night. Everything about this dish is heaven, from the creamy gooey mash, to the buttery umami of the marrow, finally the melting succulent piece of short rib; every bite brought excitement to my taste buds. The rib might seem a bit small, but in conjunction with the other heavy hitters on this dish, it was just the right amount. I would by all means eat this for my 3 meals if I could.

Service here was fast and pleasant, professional yet laid back making you feel very welcomed and relaxed despite it being in the prestigious dining strip of Yaletown. Maybe part of the atmosphere has to do with their other locations such as Gastown, that they can’t be too far off. Overall, Fatboy, our foodbabies and I were well beyond satisfied.

the flying pig – yaletown
1168 hamilton street
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