mr. shawarma

After walking around Robson for a few hours shopping, I was feeling peckish. Seeing how dinner was still a few hours away, I was desperately looking around for something to satisfy my munchies. Just when I thought my search was going nowhere, I started smelling a rich meaty aroma amongst the hotdog stands, it lead me to a bright yellow food truck just by the Vancouver Art Gallery. Mr. Shawarma serves pita wraps like the ones from my favourite, World Wrap Place, with a spit equipped inside churning out the delicious meaty offerings.


That is a very bad picture, as the person doing the prep work was blocking my view of all the juices that were cascading down the tower of meat.


Juicy Good Chicken Shawarma Pita Wrapmr. shawarma garlic sauce & tahini sauce, diced cucumbers, shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes, chopped parsley & potato fries

I usually go for chicken if there is no lamb, as my experience in the past has taught me that beef tends to be a bit too dry and chewy when cooked for so long. The wrap is fairly decent sized, nothing compared to World Wrap though.


Finally, the moment of truth! I was asked if I would like spicy, of course I would. Their garlic and tahini sauces together might actually be better than World Wraps’ tzatziki. Something about their garlic sauce, I wish that they could sell that in to-go containers. However. unlike World Wrap, their fillings seem to  be lacking. The fries, though interesting and added good texture, was not crisp enough and just felt like it was there for fillers.

Overall, Mr. Shawarma is not bad with awesome sauces, but quality and quantity wise it still does not compare to World Wrap.

mr. shawarma
robson street & hornby street
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