Located in Cambie Plaza just across from the liqore store is a small dessert shop that serves parfaits, a fancy frozen dessert that’s layered with goodies in between, called Mimibuloveme. I used to frequent this shop quite a bit during my teenage years to satisfy my late night sweet tooth, it was called Dot Dessert back then, but even with the name change the new owners still had not gotten around to change the signage outside as it still calls itself Bubble House. So for those that are not familiar with the shop, they might encounter some difficulties locating the shop.


Not much has changed inside, small with minimal seating, and what seemed like refurbished cocktail tables from the previous owners. There were little adorable add-ons that made the place little bit more welcoming such as menu design and canvas paintings on the wall. Honorable mentions; the swinging seat with the giant panda, and the parfait mural with the creepy adorable mascots(?) on a black wall.


Yellow PastaJapanese curry sauce, chicken, potato, carrot, mushroom, greens & tomato

Aside from the usual dessert options they also offered savory pastas for those that aren’t feeling for dessert, such as one of the guys in our group. He chose the Yellow Pasta, there was ample amount of chicken, the pasta was cooked through but not al dente and the curry was just passable as it tasted rather bland. The greens were just an undressed salad on the side.


Brownie Banana Wafflevanilla gelato, brownie, banana, chocolate sauce & almonds


Mango Wafflemango gelato, fresh mango, condensed milk & almonds


Matcha Parfaitmatcha gelato, mochi ball, gyuhi & red bean

20130925_232700Strawberry Crêpestrawberry gelato, fresh strawberry & condensed milk

Good thing with having more people to eat with you, you can enjoy more food without being overly stuffed. We were able to sample each dessert item they had to offer, I like how nothing here is overly sweet. The waffles were liège waffles, they felt premade as it came lukewarm, it was also a bit more chewy than usual lièges.

The parfait was brilliant. Items that weren’t listed on the menu were Kix cereal and a matcha flavoured honey cake, gyuhi is just another variation of mochi. The textures and items there were in this parfait were on point!

The crêpe was alright. Just like the waffles, it felt premade, but unlike them it wasn’t even lukewarm.

They also serve bubble tea here, but I think I would just come back for their parfaits, unless they have some special flavours for their waffles or crêpes that I can’t help but try out.

5556 cambie street
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