yavis club cheesecake cafe

I used to come once a week when they first opened just to try every item in the menu. I like that Yavis serves a “Glacier Style” cheesecake, essentially it is just a no-bake, frozen cheesecake, it’s very light and refreshing unlike the usual baked ones yet you still get the creamy cheesecake flavours coming through. Their decor is also very stylized, with a bright red wall and butterfly clock (exactly how I have my living room), and quotes reflecting of the owners unique style.

Before, you would always see him sitting at a table by the cashier, he would always recognize me since I go so often. That was years ago, and seeing how he has younger staff on the floor I’m assuming he doesn’t come by as often, or maybe just not for the night I was there.


Green Tea Glacier Cheesecake


Mango Glacier Cheesecake

It was first times for my friends, and they both chose what they deemed as ‘safe’ flavours. It seems that Yavis’ quality seemed to have decreased since my years of absence. Do not get me wrong, the cheesecakes still tasted like it did before if memory did me right, but the slices were awfully small being at just being the width of two fingers. Plating also seemed lazy as the cake was just placed on top of a squiggle of flavoured syrup, whereas before they would draw flowers or something simple with chocolate and filled in gaps with the colourful syrups. Maybe that was replaced with the fresh raspberry, sugar chip and chocolate stick while before it was just served with cream.


Mango Gelato Cup

I was still craving parfait from my last visit to Mimibuloveme, and seeing that they had a new parfait apart from the green tea I used to have, I just had to order it. Two scoops of mango ice cream, egg roll, cornflakes with raisins & dried berries, coconut cream & aloe jelly. I really loved the aloe jelly and coconut cream in Yavis’ parfaits! Coconut cream might not be an exact explanation of what it is, it is a mix between a thick cream and pudding consistency, and the aloe jelly actually being like jello with jelly bits. If that doesn’t make any sense, just go and try it yourselves. The cornflakes did a lot better here than the Kix at mimi, it held onto its texture and gave more of a crunch with each bite.

Yavis also serves an array of espresso drinks and teas, not to mention some house-created fruity virgin drinks. Despite the shortcomings of the glacier cheesecakes, overall it was a satisfactory dessert run.

yavis club cheesecake cafe
1231 – 8338 capstan way
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