burgoo – mount pleasant

Soup and sandwiches, the ultimate comfort food for any give day be it rainy, sunny, or sick. Burgoo has always been my go to for really hearty comfort dishes, something about the flavours and things they add, it just feels and taste of love.


Bloody Caesarwith pickled bean

What better to start off a Sunday than with a caesar, or what some call the ‘hangover drink’, even better when it’s on special. This was my second one, I enjoyed the pickled bean as it had a little kick to it. Don’t be too excited, as the drink is usually served with a single bean, but our server/bartender kindly gave me some extras when I placed my request for my second drink. Perks of sitting at the bar.


BBQ Pulled Porkbraised pork with homemade barbecue sauce & tangy coleslaw, served on a ciabatta baguette  
Decadent French Oniondeeply roasted onions in rich beef broth with country style croutons, slow baked with gruyere, emmenthal & mozzarella

After hearing the server go over today’s special, Fatboy just had to get the pulled pork sandwich and pair the After School Special with his favourite soup; french onion. Fatboy loves any type of barbecue, with pulled pork being right up there, with the server’s description it was like this was made for him. However, it was rather disappointing, though being slowly braised the pork was tender but wasn’t juicy, it did not have any flavours aside from that of the sauce. The slaw was mediocre and a bit too wet, the bun was a fail as it did not hold the ingredients in place. It just felt like a sloppy, soggy mess.

The soup was excellent, always the same consistency every time it is ordered. Loaded with bubbling cheese and rendered onions, every sip was like heaven to me.


Beef Bourguignontraditionally prepared with red wine braised beef, caramelized pearl onions, carrots & mushrooms

Another staple at Burgoo that I always usually order. Reason being, just like the french onion, it seems like a dish that’s a hassle to make at home, braising for hours to get the beef to be tender and infused with such flavours. This dish was so good, I had to order some bread in order to savour every last bit of the concoction.


The bill for the Main location comes in a cute dimsum bamboo steamer basket. There was also a surprise to it, as you can tell from the bill the bartender we spoke with to order our drinks had forgotten to punch in our orders! Both of us were surprised at the bill, but being true Canadians we told the bartender and he added it back on for us.

Service and food are always outstanding at Burgoo, no matter which location I’ve been to so far. Each time I’ve vowed to try something new, like a different soup or something else on the menu, but I always detour back to my bourguignon and french onion. Maybe next time, since for sure I will be coming back.

burgoo – mount pleasant
3096 main street
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