mega sushi

Located on the outskirts of the Steveston strip, it is somewhat a hidden gem, sharing a corner with a Mexican restaurant. Mega Sushi is a Korean run and owned Japanese restaurant, do not let the name fool you as it is not a cheap joint with rolls filled with rice. They are known for their creative rolls and specialty dishes at a reasonable price – seriously, where would you be able to find uni nigiri for $2.95?! Unfortunately I was not lucky enough that night as it was sold out when we sat down, I was able to glimpse the last order being placed in the middle of the table beside us.


It was a decent sized restaurant but there was still a bit of a wait. It took a while before we sat down, and even then we felt rushed by the servers. The decor looked very typical, with cute tableware that looks to be from Daiso.


Ebi Sunomonocooked prawn with vinegar & vermicelli

The simplest of dishes are usually over looked. I usually order the same staples to judge restaurants, sunomono is one of them. The prawns are cooked in-house, which is rare and a plus. It was just perfect, not being overcooked and still retaining a bit of raw bite to it. The vinegar base was average, I didn’t understand the tomato, would have much preferred the usual wakame instead.


Nigiritamago (egg), saba (mackerel), ahi tuna (red tuna), special toro (tuna belly), special salmon toro (salmon belly), ikura (salmon roe)

Other staples favourites of mine included tamago, saba and ikura. At $2.25 for ikura I just had to try it. The tamago was packaged, which made me very conflicted, why would they choose to make their own ebi yet not egg? Saba was cured in-house, it had good flavour and somewhat made up for the disappointing tamago. Ikura was the usual, untreated. The special toro and salmon toro were simply seared, brushed with spicy sauce, topped with sesame mix, green onion & fried shallots. They were interesting, but I’ve had better aburi sushi but for a much higher pricing, so this is definitely worth it.


Blue Ocean Roll; ahi tuna, hamachi (yellow tail), salmon, kaiware (radish sprout) & avocado wrapped in soy wrap with tobiko (flying fish roe)


This was one of their special rolls, we got it due to the fact it was wrapped with soy wraps instead of the regular nori. It was plated beautifully, with the sauces being displayed nicely rather than just a quick squiggle. It was loaded with a good quantity of fish, it was a mouthful and challenge to finish a whole piece in one go.


Monkey Braindeep fried avocado with juicy crab meat & cooked tuna replacing the seed with spicy sauce


The name was interesting enough, given the description of the dish, we had to order it to see how it would be presented. It came out very boring, just like what I imagine an avocado popper would be like, until I took a piece out to reveal the thought and hard work that was needed to make this dish. As you can tell, the whole wedge of avocado was not deep fried. The only way that would be made possible, was for the avocado to be halved and deseeded, filling the gap with the delicious mixture of tuna & crab, rejoining the two sides, batter THEN deep fry it. That sounds like such a pain-in-the-bum to do but they did it and it was highly enjoyed by my friend and I. The dish looked to be drowning in sauce but that was not the case, everything was well balanced and perfect for this dish. A must order.

I can’t wait till the next time I get to try this place, hopefully with more people so that I can try more of their rolls, not to mention reserving a whole try of uni.

mega sushi
100 – 3131 chatham street
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