marcello pizzeria & ristorante

Is it bad to have too much of the same thing back-to-back? Probably, but in this case when food is involved, I highly doubt it.

After our adventure at Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria, we couldn’t think of anything else we would want for our second meal. Not  wanting to find parking again, we decided to just take a look around Commercial strip to see if anything interests us. Not walking far, just right across the street, we found it. Marcello – another Neapolitan pizza restaurant. We were a bit reserved at first, thinking if eating the same dishes would be a good choice, after further discussion we decided to go for it. With the flavours of Famoso still fresh in our mind (and stomach), we wanted to see how well Marcello fares in comparison being in such close proximity, and being known for having a more higher end approach.

We were already taken aback just walking through the front doors, how different Marcello was compared to Famoso. It was dark, with high ceilings and chandeliers made out of wine bottles. What’s more impressive was the wood fire oven, it was a huge stone head with an opened mouth to feed in pizza. Amazed with high hopes, we ordered a pizza and appetizer to go with our bottle of wine.



Cozze Freschemussels in tomato sauce

Nothing was really interesting on the menu, so we went for the mussels hoping for something different. Though plump, it was rather a small portion. Not really complaining as it is our second meal, but they wouldn’t know that, I was disappointed for this being their serving size even if it were on the higher end. The flavours didn’t make my opinion any better as the tomato sauce tasted like regular marinara sauce that they would use in their pizzas. It didn’t have any dimensions or flavour to it aside from the few pieces of fresh tomatoes and chopped parsley.


Capricciosatomato sauce, mozzarella, ham, salami, artichokes, black olives & mushrooms

Unlike Famoso, there was two sizes to choose from; medium which was roughly 30cm with 6 regular sized slices, and a large which was 45 with 8 large slices. Of course we went for the smaller option. As everything on the menu seemed similar, we went a pizza we already had a Famoso to make our comparison. The Funghi here did not have truffle oil and used the red sauce, so by default the Capricciosa was chosen.

It was loaded just like Famoso, with the addition of extra salami meat which added the kick Famoso was missing. The crust had a good chew, but didn’t have any charred notes making it one dimensional. Sauce, as expected, was the same as the mussels. Cheese, though still mozzarella, can’t compare to the creamier fior di latte and salty romano that Famoso had on theirs.

Service was rather curt compared to Famoso’s welcoming environment. I would have liked to enjoy myself more, but maybe eating pizza again in the same day might have ruined our experiences here. I would like to come back again and try their pastas as well to give a much fairer verdict. Overall, Famoso won this battle and stole our hearts that night.

marcello pizzeria & ristorante
1404 commercial drive
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