Came back to Jinya for a round two because Fatboy couldn’t get enough of the black garlic, especially after Maruko’s foodventure. This time around, we brought our friends that went to Maruko with us to see what they think of Jinya.

20131117_132614Pork Gyozapork & cabbage dumplings

I thought to give the gyoza another try, as they weren’t terrible, just not as memorable. I did not hear my friend’s girlfriend had also ordered them as well, we ended up having to finish two dishes of mediocre gyozas.


Curry Rice Bowl & Pork Chashu Rice Bowl


Chicken Karaage

All of them ordered the Black after Fatboy’s nonstop rave about it, they made a combo with the items above. Curry bowl was the same as last time and the chashu don was nothing spectacular. The karaage, surprisingly did have a good batter, but I found the oropon (grated radish & ponzu) dipping sauce weird as I’m used to just having mayo with it.


Menmabamboo shoots


Negi, Corn & Chashu

Of course we needed to add some side toppings. It felt like we were cheated how the green scallions and corn shared the same dish, as the menma had its own, it looked like we were only getting half of what we paid for.


Tonkotsu Black Ramenoriginal pork broth, pork belly char-siu, spinach, menma, green onions, fried onions, aji tama, seaweed, black garlic oil

The Black, still as good as I remembered it.


Tantan Menspicy sauce containing preserved vegetables, chili oil, minced pork & Japanese leek served over cold noodles with sesame paste & spicy peanut sauce

Since everyone else got the Black, I wanted to see if Jinya was just a one-hit wonder. Last time I had the Spicy, this time I wanted to try something new on their summer menu as it is also one of my favourites – Tantan. The noodles were once again the thicker, chewier ones, but it seemed to work well with this dish as it is served cold. It had more bite to it than when it was served in soup last time. Tantan is usually a ‘soupless’ dish, the soup should be a thick consistency just used to stick onto the noodles and give it flavour rather than for you to slurp up. However, for Jinya, midway through the dish I was literally scrapping every last drop from the dish, not because it was delicious, but there was far too little sauce. The minced pork and vegetable accommodations were alright.

20131117_133953On the plus side, the aji tama was slightly better this time. Overall, like my previous verdict, just come here for the Black.

270 robson street
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