girls’ night wineventure – the sardine can

[ part II ]

After finishing up the bottle of wine at Salt, we wanted a change of scenery. We wondered back onto the streets to look for our next location, as it was getting late it became hard to tell whether some shops were closing or just dark.

Further wondering and indecesiveness, we were lured in to The Sardine Can by a window decal of, non other, a sardine can! We were told that they serve Spanish style tapas, and thought to ourselves; “What the heck! We’ve had Spanish wine, why not go the whole nine yards and try their tapas as well!”. With that we were seated on stools and cocktail table just right before their last call.



The bread came stabbed on a receipt spike, how cute is that. It was alright, wished it would have been warmed up.

We ordered another bottle of red, Hacienda López de Haro Crianza, it was slightly more acidic than our previous Spanish wine, it wasn’t bad but we much preferred the one at Salt’s. We also ordered another drink that caught our eye on the menu, the description just said “Coke & Wine”, it sounded like an interesting combination so we tried it. Sure enough, it was interesting, it is hard to describe how it tastes. Something new that I would try again, most likely with a cheap red. It is also interesting to note that they served their wines in short rock glasses and not the typical long stemmed wine glasses, maybe it’s a Spanish thing?


Albondigasmeatballs cooked in tomato & Rioja

There was a good amount of meatballs for the price. Though a bit on the dry side, saved by the tomato sauce, the spices and herbs used were on point. The leftover sauce was used as a dipping sauce for the rest of our bread.


Patatas Bravas; roasted fingerling potatoes, garlic aioli & tomato

It turns out that both dishes used the same tomato-based sauce, this one with the added garlic mayo on top. Still as wonderful and very filling.

It was interesting place, we were both glad we came across this shop. Would very much like to try all their other tapas the next time around.

view [ part I ]

the sardine can
26 powell street
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