hanppy tofu pot house

Hanppy Tofu Pot House is one of those small joints in Richmond that serves up decent, fast and affordable meals, just like at the food court. Likewise, quality isn’t always superb, but you will get what you paid for, and be full.

They might have went under new management, or kitchen staff, because the food isn’t what I remembered it to be back in the days when I was living off a student-like budget. Then again, maybe my taste buds have just matured. While waiting for my brother to get off guitar lessons, Fatboy and I decided to grab a quick bite next door at Hanppy cause I was feeling for Korean.


Marinated Pork Stomach & Sour VegetableMarinated Cucumber

The pork stomach was Fatboy’s choice of an appy. It was my first time having a dish like this, or at least I think it is. For the price per dish being just under $3, it is a pretty decent sized portion. The stomach was interesting, had a very chewy texture to it that I wasn’t that fond of, but the preserved vegetables seemed to mask whatever flavours the stomach would produce, and made up for the rubberiness of it. Cucumbers were alright, simply pickled served with some type of chili dressing, helps open up your appetite.


Korean Style Kimchi Pot; kimchi, mussels, squid, tofu, sliced pork, egg, green bean noodles & rice

Of course I had to go for the Kimchi Pot since I like noodles more than rice. I had requested extra spicy, but the dish still felt mild, then again Korean food isn’t extremly spicy. The soup had good kimchi flavour, not watered down at all, however everything inside seemed overcooked. The egg was completely well-done, the squid was like chewing on an eraser, the mussels were probably the frozen half-shelled ones. The noodles and tofu were fine, I did feel pretty thirsty afterwards though.


Korean Style BBQ With Rice; Korean style BBQ pork, two kinds of vegetables, hot tofu & egg served onrice with clear soup

For under $8 it looks like a big portion, but the bowl itself is actually quite shallow. It also came lukewarm, which was a turnoff for Fatboy. Aside from the Ma Po tofu and the meat, everything else was bland, he didn’t even touch the egg due to its overcooked nature. The soup was simple chicken stock riddled with MSG as it left him very thirsty after a couple sips. There were few pieces of wakame and green onions to be found.

Overall, nothing fancy, inside is simple like a low profile bubble tea restaurant. Food is filling for the price, but don’t expect anything more. Good place to grab a quick bite on a tight budget.

hanppy tofu pot house
1138 – 8328 capstan way
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