yo! ramen

With another coupon for ramen up for sale, I was lured into this small Korean run and owned ramen shop on the outskirts of downtown. I was excited at first, thinking it would be another hidden gem adventure like that of Maruko, but looking at the storefront Fatboy and I already had our doubts. We gave each other wary eyes and stepped in, thinking we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. 20131214_144653 Green Salad & Fried Gyoza The coupon came with two ramen, and a salad with 6 pieces of fried pork gyozas to share. I had expected pan fried gyoza and not the deep fried ones that were served, but it was still tasty. A nice crunch yet not overly oily, filling was alright, all that was missing was a nice tangy gyoza sauce for dipping. We had to make do with the soy sauce and chili oil that was provided. The green salad consisted of mixed greens, julienne carrots, grape tomatoes and tortilla chips. It was a simple salad, but the dressing was pretty interesting. It had a nice sweet yet tangy taste, from what I thought would be ginger and pineapple. Overall was a decent dish. 20131214_145309 Tonkotsu Ramen There was an option for pork or chicken meat on the coupon, our server didn’t mention or ask for our choices, I’m guessing the default is just pork. Fatboys Tonkotsu was topped with beansprouts, hard boiled aji tama, menma, negi, nori and zucchini – which I found weird and confused about. It also had a few droplets of the chili oil on top, but it wasn’t enough to produce any flavour for the soup. The soup, as you can somewhat tell in the picture, is very light. Definitely not your typical rich tonkotsu base, there was not much depth, let alone flavour to the soup. It tasted as if instant noodle packets were used instead of actually making the stock. The pork nor egg, even though coloured, had any flavour to it. 20131214_145331 Shoyu Ramen My Shoyu was topped with the same ingredients as Fatboy’s. Soup was very light and not salty at all for being soy base, I had to douse my soup in shichimi to get in some actual flavours. The chashu slices were relatively small and more lean than not, only thing worth mentioning was the noodles for they weren’t overly cooked, still retaining a nice bite to them. Verdict for this place would be a no for both of us. The owners were nice, husband and wife tag team, but food wise it was below average. If I had paid full price and not the $14 for this meal, I would be more than unhappy. Their menu is more Korean than Japanese, so maybe ramen was just an add-on to try and catch the whole ramen hype of downtown, but it failed for them. I’m pretty sure their Korean dishes would be a lot better, but because of this experience I don’t think I would be coming back anytime soon on my own accord, unless someone were to very convincingly drag me here. It does have a cool name, I’ll give them that. yo! ramen 1306 burrard street vancouver Click to add a blog post for Ramen & More on Zomato


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