coco hut

Le Office Ladies were really craving for Hainanese Chicken, seeing how today was so free we decided to go out for lunch instead of getting to go this time. Unfortunately my favourite place, Prata-Man was closed on Mondays, looking around online I saw that Coco Hut in Union Square had a pretty good rating as well. It was nearby so we didn’t have to drive too far off.

Inside was pretty standard, small tables with minor decor with images of menu items along the wall. We were seated promptly, though being lunch hour, they didn’t seem too busy. After a quick gander at the menu, we ordered the usuals of what one would normally order for this type of cuisine.


Hainanese Chicken Ricewhole chicken with 5 bowls of rice & soup

Being the three of us, of course we had to go for the whole chicken. The chicken had good flavour, was soft and tender, really enjoy the fact that it was boneless. Less hassle to eat, and makes it that much more better. It is served along side a sweet & spicy sauce, and gingered green onions. The ginger green onion is more onion than ginger, which I absolutely love. Most places, aside from Prata-Man that I know, serves it the other way around. The soup was your regular chicken stock, with a lot of ginger, average but definitely not something I would drink. The rice on the other hand was rather bland, but I enjoyed it nonetheless after loading it up with the green onions.


Prata Bread With Curry BeefBBQ Satay – half dozen chicken & pork

Satay and curry was ordered as appetizers. I don’t order beef for my satays due to past experiences, as it tends to get a bit tough and dry, so I usually just stick with my chicken and pork knowing those would most likely turn out much tender. Both the chicken and pork had a good char on them, but were just average, the peanut sauce didn’t do much to elevate them.

The beef curry was a hit. It had a nice spice to it, very aromatic, with a good amount of tender, juicy beef brisket. The roti prata on the other hand did the curry no justice. It was very plain and felt a bit stale, not at all like the flaky ones I’m more used to. None of us ended up eating the prata bread, which felt like the curry was wasted since it didn’t go too well with our oiled chicken flavoured rice.

In conclusion, food was passable, but I still like my Prata-Man more. Service was satisfactory for the environment, they bring you the food, you eat without them bothering you, you pay. Don’t expect anymore more. I wouldn’t go out of my way to come here, but I wouldn’t reject the idea if it was the only choice given.

coco hut
1118 – 8328 capstan way
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