cafe de l’orangerie

Fatboy was craving for some good Japanese curry after my introduction to Youshoku at Moncton Cafe last week. Scouring through the internet, I managed to find another restaurant that serves said cuisine. Cafe de l’Orangerie, nestled on a corner in a small Marpole complex, unlike the more homey feel of Moncton, l’Orangerie is what you would find in Ikebukuro, sans fancy decor. If only the servers were in maid outfits! From your usual cafe items such as cakes and coffee, to pasta and rice dishes, it sure takes me back.

Their drinks and food items are more refined, more cafe like. In other words, they did not have my Melon Soda. Nothing on their appetizer menu interested us as it was all mainly deep fried, so we just went with two entrée instead.


Curry With Pork Cutletadd on hamburger steak

Of course Fatboy went straight to the Katsu Curry, after he realized I wasn’t going for the hamburger steak again he just had to add one for himself. The curry here is a bit more chunkier and thicker in consistency than Moncton’s, it still had good flavour and were pretty generous with the two large pieces of pork. I was happy they didn’t dress the side salad, as it would have made the curry taste a bit weird. The pork, though not as crispy and battered nicely, was more enjoyable since it was more tender and fatty. The hamburger on the other hand though, if picture is any indication, was overly cooked and dry. It crumbled apart once you start cutting into it, Fatboy only had a few bites and left it untouched throughout the meal.


Masago de Creamy Spaghettisquid, mushroom, asparagus, smelt roe & cream

It was hard decision for me. A part of me wanted the Neapolitan, as that is another childhood favourite of mine, yet I  can easily make that at home as well. Another part wanted the Carbonara, but that seemed too Westernized. To try and find a middle ground, I went for the creamy masago spaghetti, hoping it would somewhat be like a mentaiko yakiudon. I was expecting a creamy white sauce, but to my surprise it was red when it arrived to the table. It wasn’t as creamy as I thought it would have been, it was also lacking in some flavours. I had to add black pepper and a few drops of Tabasco in it to make it not as bland. It could have used a bit more masago, aside from that it was just an alright dish.

It was a nice experience, but I personally found the food at Moncton’s to be much better. I will give them the benefit of the doubt and think we just ordered the wrong items, or that it was an off-day for them, since the other patrons looked to be enjoying their meals and cakes.

cafe de l’orangerie
1320 west 73rd avenue
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