sunway restaurant

I’m not sure if this place is considered a hidden gem, as a lot of people seem to know about it, but it is very well hidden in the corner of Empire Centre. Sunway serves Taiwanese food, not your typical bubble tea standard, but more family style and share dishes. It does have some bubble tea options, and the usual menu items, but this was a good change for once as my coworker and I were feeling bored of bubble tea.

Parking is a pain, even for Richmond standards. There were people parked in the middle of lanes like vulture, waiting for the next car to leave. Turning without signaling, honking when your ‘spot’ was taken, and to add on the limited parking stalls. It was a mess.

Sunway is a decent sized establishment, very minimal decor and things done that could have enhanced the ambiance. It looked a bit rundown but was clean, seeing how it was barely filled during lunch hours we thought we might have made a bad decision to have came here.


Lychee Green Tea


Oolong Milk Tea

We ordered some drinks to start, I got the Oolong Milk Tea since I’ve never had it before. It was a really smooth, rich oolong taste to it, a very interesting combination. My friend’s Lychee was alright, she found the green tea to be a bit too strong, overshadowing the lychee’s sweetness making it bit bitter.


Popcorn Chicken

My staple for bubble tea restaurants. Sunway’s chicken was juicy and nicely battered, it was a very big portion being an appetizer. It didn’t come with any dipping sauce, not that it needed any as it was seasoned enough, but me being a mayora, I had to request for some mayo on the side.


Butter Mushroom Pot

Which consisted of shimeiji, enoki, oyster & cremini mushrooms in a shallow buttery garlic broth. Also, there were clams. I wished they would have listed ‘clams’ in their English translation of the item, as those that don’t read Chinese (me) will find it bit pricey to be paying $10 for just a pot of mushrooms. That is to say, even without the clams I would find this dish completely worth it for the medley of mushrooms it had to offer. Clams were just extra. The mushrooms were perfect, buttery and full of the woody mushroom umami. It was rendered just right, still retaining a bit of bite to them. It had a fair amount of clams as well which made this dish a really good bang-for-your-buck.


Spicy Hot Potwith organs

I like how they inform you that there’s organs in this hotpot, and give you an option to opt out from it if you deem it too adventurous. The organs included in here were just pork intestine & blood, which I’m completely ok with. Other ingredients that make up this hot pot are prawns, squid, onions, cabbage & vermicelli. It was a good level of spiciness, but I found it a bit too overpowered by the Szechaun peppercorns, all I tasted was numbness midway through the pot.


Deluxe Setpickled cucumbers, spicy dried anchovy & peanuts, deep fried dace fishball with sweet & sour sauce


Minced Pork Rice

We both upgraded our pots to the Deluxe Set, which is essentially turning it into a meal. For $4.50 more you get 3 side dishes and a bowl of Minced Pork Rice, if you just want regular bowl of white rice that will be only $1 extra. The side dishes were alright, only thing I didn’t enjoy as much was the anchovies. Though the rice bowl was really nice, filled with juicy and flavourful minced pork, it became too much for us two to finish. We ended up having to pack the rice and half of our pots to go.

We left bloated and happy, will have to come back to check out their Dead Man’s Coffin as I’ve heard so much about it.

sunway restaurant
1300 – 4540 number 3 road
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