basho cafe

After our nice ladies-like afternoon at Urban Tea, we walked around downtown a bit to window-shop some. Like any high tea, you’re full from the water and finger food, but it’s not a lasting fullness. We started to feel a bit peckish soon afterwards. I had wanted to show my friend to another type of cafe, that is not just all about coffee, something else that she hasn’t had before. Then it came to me, the talk of the town. Basho Cafe!


Tiny and absolutely adorable, it seemed to be family-owned and run. All the little accents, from what seemed to be home-sewed coasters, to handwritten menu items and mini figurines you would find at an actual home,  it was like walking into a miniature cottage in a fairy tale. The little sweets in the display counter were dainty little things, all made in house in small batches, exactly what you would find if you were to visit your Japanese grandmother.


Afternoon Set – sweets & your choice of drink (except mocha & matcha cafe mocha)

The Afternoon Set was an awesome deal! Being at just $5, served only after 2PM, it offers you any drink except two and an assortment of sweets. We both went for the Matcha Latte, seeing how everyone else was enjoying theirs. Our orders came on wooden trays, with the latte being served up in a bowl, it was very traditional-like save for the latte-art that the barista had made. Our sweets included their chocolate almond cookie, goma-miso cookie and half a matcha madeleine & nut mochi. The matcha was not sweet, if you prefer it sweeter I would suggest adding sugar. It had the nice, rich ‘seaweed’ taste traditional matcha should have. I didn’t add anything as the milk helped balance out the bitterness. The sweets were not sweet at all (once again very traditional Japanese like), as if I’m really enjoying a tea ceremony. Both cookies were excellent, the almond and sesame provided a different type of texture and crunch to each respective cookie. Matcha madeleine was much more softer, spongecake texture than anything, it was very mild in matcha taste. My favourite was the nut mochi, sprinkled with kinako, it was filled with nuts and cranberries, very delightful and chewy.

Like the name ‘Basho’, which translate to ‘place’, this is the place to be. It was quite packed as there is limited seating, service was basically self-serve as you are expected to clean up after yourself, but everyone was smiling and very polite. I will come back and order their Afternoon Set every time, and hopefully get to try all of their sweets offerings. They also have a few menu items that are more filling that I would love to check out as well. Hoping they would come up with a recipe book soon so I can make those sweets at home myself, especially the mochis.

basho cafe
2007 east hastings street
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3 thoughts on “basho cafe

  1. I had their matcha cafe mocha and it had a really rich matcha flavour! The mocha is actually quite sweet on the top, but it is not as sweet on the bottom. It’s probably sweeter than the latte by the way you describe it. I also tried one of their more filling dishes (the Tuna Tataki Rice Bowl) but wasn’t too impressed by it. I definitely liked some of the sweets better!

    • Oh, maybe next time I’ll try their teriyaki pulled pork, friend said that was pretty good. They also commission their sweets to Cultivate Tea on Main! Hoping to get that review up soon once I’ve cleared all these backtracks.

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