l’opéra pâtisserie

Another coffee date, this time at the infamous L’Opéra Pâtisserie, known for their fresh ingredients and irresistible macarons. Located just by the Marriott hotel, there is ample of parking, just not sure if most of them are safe. From minor details such as wallpaper, tableware and cutlery, walking into L’Opéra is like stepping into a time machine, bringing you back to the Victorian Era. We wanted to try their high tea, but unfortunately that will have to be booked 48 hours in advanced. So instead we just ordered a few cakes and a drink, grabbed a table and started our nonsensical chatting.


I did a few right? Too bad I should have taken a picture of the desserts that we had, most of them were impossible-to-pronounce French words that I just pointed and asked. We had a total of four pastries and one macaron to be shared between two females, sounds about right.


Cafe Latte
 Chamomile Tea

My friend wanted tea instead, because she’s already had her morning cup o’ joe. She said the tea was pretty light, but nothing interesting. Same can be said for my coffee. With a nicely done latte art and a beautiful doily cup and saucer set, it was very aromatic but not strong.


Mysterious Dessert, Green Tea Macaron, Mysterious Dessert

I have no recollection of the first mysterious dessert in the background, as it was my friend that had most of the cake. The green tea macaron was nice and not too sweet, as I’ve found in other pa shops around the lower mainland. Like true French macarons, it fit perfectly in one bite, though we had to cut ours in half. The second mystery dessert started with an “L” if my memory does me any justice. It was dark chocolate & coffee type of cake, it even had half a espresso macaron on top! It was just the perfect sweetness, with neither of the flavours contradicting each other.

ExotiqueMysterious Dessert

Another mysterious dessert! This time a tCIMG0014art that had torched meringue on top. I want to say that this is their lime tart, but once again, my friend was the one that had most of this dessert. I had ordered the Exotique on impulse, thinking it was like Faubourg’s Lemon Tart. To my surprise, it was a white chocolate exterior, with a passion fruit mousse on the inside. I’m not particularly fond of passion fruit in cakes or anything, but it worked nicely here. Minor details were the honey-filled raspberry, though ours toppled and was spilling over.

I believe this is a mother-and-daughter bakery, as it’s always the same two faces I see in their storefront. They’re very nice people, and informative of their products. Every detail in their offerings and restaurant you can see have taken much though and preparation. Hopefully my next visit, I will remember to take notes of the names for the dessert, and be able to try their high tea.

l’opéra pâtisserie
153 – 5951 minoru boulevard
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