pappadeaux – houston

After our uneventful and disappointing, meal at Le Grand Comptoir, we were headed towards our boarding gate over at Terminal E.

To our luck, seeing that we still got time to spare, Fatboy and I decided to try out Pappadeaux which was just located above ground from where we were.


CoronaBloody Mary

Pappadeaux looked promissing, with the full house and a minor crowd still waiting outside. There were lobsters and various seafood swimming in tanks that kept us company before we were seated on a nice cocktail table. It seemed to be a Southern seafood joint since they had gumbo, crawfish and po boys on the menu. Fatboy started off with a Corona, and I a Bloody Mary, I wanted to see how the American cousin of my favourite drink fares. It did quite nicely, but lacked the bit of Tabasco kick for me. I didn’t enjoy the full tomatoey taste of the drink, but all in all, it was passable.


Hand Tossed Cocktailsavocado, olive oil, lemon juice, housemade cocktail sauce & jumbo shrimp

It was a hard decision for Fatboy, he loves his traditional shrimp cocktails, yet the addition of avocado seemed to entice him. I made the better choice of choosing the later one, it turned out to be a good and interesting dish. The housemade cocktail was completely different from what we had in mind, with avocado, it looked and tasted like a salsa more than anything. It had the sweetness from the tomatoes, bit of tang from the citrus being used and the avocado made the dish that much more creamier. The shrimps were just an add-on to this dish, they were cooked nicely, very plump and sweet. In Vancouver, I think we would have called this a shrimp tartar, nonetheless I would have ordered another one.


Gulf Coast Oystershalf dozen on the half shell

Half dozen was ordered since our flight was coming up soon. I wasn’t sure what kind of oysters they were, as the menu choices were either Gulf Coast or Blue Point. These were fairly average in size, they were leaning more towards the salty side and not shucked nicely. Both Fatboy and I found residue and shards in our oysters. Three sauces were offered, traditional cocktail, mignonette and horseradish. The cocktail sauce needed some more kick from Tabasco, maybe I’m biased since I like mine spicy, with the mignonette being mildly too sweet for my taste. The horseradish was untouched save for Fatoby, I was never a fan of horseradish in anything be it my oysters or Caesars. They also looked like mushed up ones you scoop from a jar.

A much more pleasing experience at the airport. Being a chain restaurant, they have a lot of other locations all around US, if I were to spot one during my travels I wouldn’t mind trying them again for more than just appetizers.

george bush intercontinental airport – terminal e
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