harry’s grill – cancún

After the delays and layovers, we’ve finally arrived in Cancún! We were staying at Sun Palace, even though we had unlimited access to all of their other sister resorts, eating and drinking nonstop at an all inclusive resort does get tiring. Fatboy would have steak three meals a day, and even in the middle of the night if he felt like it via room service – which he did end up doing. Luckily, we had a friend that was currently staying over in Mexico City. Knowing that we’d be over for a week, he took a small trip over to Cancún to vacation with us and show us around.

Harry’s Grill – Prime Steakhouse & Raw Bar is located down the strip, just a 5 minute taxi ride away. It was good that our friend brought over his girlfriend, which he happened to meet during his stay there. Not to say no one in Cancún knew English, as it is a tourist attraction, it felt safer and more convenient to have someone to speak the native language. We had passed by this restaurant going to the city earlier that morning, our friend informed us that he had already made reservations so we should head back to our rooms and prep as it is a pretty fancy place.

The restaurant looks beautiful on the outside, and even more so walking in. We entered through a grand foyer, and was greeted by a friendly hostess. The place fairly dim, we could view grand fixtures and even a patio seating from where we were waiting. The hostess informed us that our table was not yet ready, if we wanted to we could grab a few drinks in the patio while we waited. Taking that opportunity, we traveled past their open kitchen, and a ceiling-to-floor window showcasing their aged meats, to an open oasis with an artificial waterfall. Words can’t describe how beautiful this place looked, which I’m sure is just accentuated with the photoshopped backdrop that was Cancún.

CIMG0152 CIMG0153


After a few gin tonics at the open lounge, we were brought to our table and offered bread. Two kinds of bread: a  buttery pull apart bread, sprinkled with rosemary and served with butter, and an assortment of herb seasoned flat bread and crostinis. Both offerings were delicious, something new from your typical bread basket, my favourite would have to be the later. Though the pull apart bread was very fluffy, the herbs and seasoning on the flat breads made it much more interesting than just plain butter. Too bad there were only two of each, I had to share half with Fatboy whereas I would have much appreciated it whole.


Giant Clams

A few appetizers were ordered, mainly seafood. First were the Giant Clams, there was no indication as to what they were so we thought it would be interesting to try. Turns out they were surf clams. Unlike the blanched hokkigai ones we would have in Japanese cuisines, these seemed to be raw and fresh, due to the mantles still being attached. That might be the reason why the edible parts were just the red tip, Fatboy just thought at first that they didn’t know how to clean it properly. They were sweet and not at all fishy, I didn’t think the lemon was needed.


Octopus CevichePeruvian style, chili & peanut dressing

Next up was the octopus. I wasn’t quiet sure what “Peruvian style” meant, Googling it I can only relate it to maybe because fish was involved. There was good amount of seafood, everything was fresh with good texture, the octopus offered bite for the raw fish. I didn’t get much of the peanut dressing that was supposedly in the ceviche though.


Hamachi Sashimijalapeño pepper, ponzu

Surprise, surprise, that Fatboy would go for a sashimi dish. The hamachi was prepared nicely with good knife work. It was different to see that the blood line was removed, but I know people sometimes don’t enjoy that part as much. There was a bit of spice in the ponzu as well, with the jalapeño being the real kicker, yet it still didn’t overpower the sweetness of the fish. It gave it a completely different flavour profile that neither of us had ever had before.


Filet Mignon – 8oz


Dry Aged New York – 12oz

After our appetizers, our server brought over a trolley cart filled with all their entree options. From the Tomahawk steak to Wagyu beef, lined with lobsters and fish nestled on top of ice, the whole nine yards. It was an amazing experience, something I have never been through in all my foodadventures. The meats were very nice cuts with good flavours, course the price even in pesos reflected such. Served along side a grilled slice of tomato with some type of cheesy sauce on top.


SidesJalapeño Mash & Creamed Spinach

Just the tomato was not enough, we had to go for some side dishes. I wanted carbs, mashed potatoes of some sort, with jalapeño added onto the list it was something I could not miss. It was very creamy; silky smooth, mashed potato with just the right hint of spice. The creamed spinach on the other hand was just average compared to the mash.


Strawberry Mango Cheesecake


Chocolate Peanut Butter Mousse

We still had room for a few bites of dessert, not to miss on this opportunity as everything here was so good thus far. The desserts were not as spectacular as the entire meal before, the cheesecake and mousse felt average, something I could easily buy from a supermarket, just plated nicely.


Cotton Candy

I saw this huge thing looming around neighboring tables, didn’t know what it was until it was brought to our table along with our bill. Turns out the restaurant gives complimentary cotton candy to all its guests, the size of an infant. It is no exaggeration when I say this was about 2ft tall, and 1ft wide. It tasted full of artificial flavours and sugar, but gave a very whimsical feel to the whole dinning experience. Ending us off on a happy note.

If I were ever in Cancún again, this is a restaurant I will HAVE to come back to. No questions asked.

harry’s grill
boulevard kukulcán km. 14.2 zona hotelera


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