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There has been so much catching up to do lately, it was as if everyone was living under a rock, and has finally come out for a bit of fresh air. I havent seen Momo for a while. along with her daughter which I always call a son. Carrying a toddler around, she didn’t want to drive too far off. She said there was this pretty good Chinese restaurant just on Kingsway by where she lived, claims they serve a very spicy menu.



I really have no idea what this dish was called, nor could I find it online in other blog posts or menu shots. It is some type of noodle-like konnyaku, most likely made from potato starch of some sort. It is very slurpable, the texture is hard to explain. It is not hard like konnyaku, yet not slimy like gelatin, kind of a lovechild of the two. The sauce was a mix of chili oil and Chinese black vinegar, it had a nice tang which accompanied with the cilantro made this a very good appetizer.


Boiled Chicken In Special Spicy Sauce

Or “Saliva Chicken” roughly translated in Chinese. The scent of the chilies wafting from their special sauce really did make my mouth salivate when it was brought onto the table. It was a real, genuine, Northern Chinese type of spicy. I’m not too good with my geography of China, but the closest things I can relate it to would be Szechuan foods which I’m certain is not too far off. The aroma didn’t quite match the taste, I just found it average spicy, more salty than not. The dish was served cold, which probably did help mask some of the spiciness. The chicken was tender, but still had a good firmness to it.


Braised Pork In Special Sauce

Fatty pork, who can reject it? The presentation was a bit different than what I’m more used to, but the flavours were all still there. Soft, tender, aromatically succulent pork. It was a very nicely done, with a good fat-to-meat ratio.


Mixed Pork Intestine In Hotpot

It was either this, or the “Water Boiled Fish”. This dish didn’t really come in a hotpot per se, nor was the soup drinkable, but boy was it spicy. I was wiping down my forehead after every couple spoonfuls. I Szechuan peppercorns were controlled nicely in this dish. I did get a sense of numbness here and there, but it was not constant, so I could fully taste the other food that followed. The hotpot consisted of bean sprouts, vermicelli, mushroom, sliced pork, pork intestine and blood. Ample amount of blood, which is my favourite.


Stir Fried Dry Green Beans

The only vegetable I know and usually order at any Chinese establishment, “Four Season Green Beans”. You can (usually) never go wrong with it, also we needed some type of greens for all the meat we were having. It was too oily, but had a good amount of garlic and chilies.


Plain Noodle In Chicken Soup

Finally, we had to get something for the son. Since spicy foods are not appreciate for toddlers, Momo ordered noodle soup. Son is a very picky eater, she wouldn’t even touch the noodles if it had green onions or the bak choi were included in her portion. The soup had good flavour, it did leave me thirsty though, probably too much MSG. The noodles may or may not have been handmade, but seeing how they were so unison, I doubt it.


Yes, all that food for just two plus a toddler. We ended up finishing everything except for the noodle soup, and a bit of the hotpot. It was a very enjoyable meal, this place is meant to be shared with more people, that way you can order more food without feeling stuffed. Highlight of the night was teaching the son to call her mother “Momo” instead of mom. Will definitely come back for the mystery konnyaku dish.

lucky noodle chinese restaurant
3 – 3377 kingsway
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