cotto enoteca pizzeria

What could possibly make me travel all the way to North Burnaby for some pizza, if not a Groupon deal? Luckily, the $39 for $60 deal could be used for takeout as well, Fatboy and I have been so busy it wouldn’t have been possible for a sit down dinner before it expired. It was still quiet a bit of travel from where I worked since.

I was able to snag a sweet spot just right outside the entrance, there wasn’t a lot of parking available at Cotto as it shares the block with a used car dealership. The manager greeted me at the door, when I showed him the Groupon and requested to have it all to go, he was more than friendly and helpful. They were pretty busy, given that it was just a little after 5:30 when I got there. The staff that helped me pack was very friendly, and even offer to carry it to my car. If this is any indication of their service, I would love to dine in some time if the food proves to be worth the drive.


Carpaccio di Manzorare beef, parmigiano reggiano, spicy aioli, arugula, alder-wood smoked salt

I was a bit warry about order raw meat for such a long drive, but I did it anyways. The beef was well marbled, and sliced thinly, being served on a ruffled piece of plastic tray. Instead of arugula, it was served with frisee. The beef had a nice sear on the outside, melted in your mouth like butter, but the sauce fell flat. It was spicy, but more of the sriracha and mayo combo than anything. The large granular of salt were interesting, it added to a surprise factor while eating the beef.


Burratasoft cow milk cheese, roasted pepper caponata, red wine syrup served with rosemary forno bread

I guess all the arugula went to this dish. There wasn’t a lot of burrata, which I was disappointed, even more so since it felt a bit hard. The roasted peppers were a nice addition, the flat bread was also a nice change with good flavours.


Beet Saladred & yellow beets, arugula, honey citrus vinaigrette, citrus, fennel & goat cheese

The ‘citrus’ was just pink grapefruit, which made this dish very weird. Aside from that, it was average, though it was loaded with beets.


Diavolasugo di pomodoro, fresh mozzarella, parmigiano reggiano, sopressta, capicollo, banana peppers, chili flakes & chives

I apologize for the half eaten pizza, I wasn’t able to control myself during the ride with my car being filled with its aroma, calling my name. Too bad I didn’t add any tabasco, as that would have made this dish that much more enjoyable. It was still spicy enough without it, they didn’t go easy on the meats or toppings, well maybe just the cheese. The crust held everything nicely, even after the long ride, but of course best consumed fresh.


Gnocchi Funghihandmade gnocchi, alfredo sauce, pancetta, parmigiano reggiano, mushroom & cherry tomato

Probably because it was in a deep container, the gnocchi were doused in the sauce making the dish overly heavy. The flavours were nice, it was a very rich and cheesy dish with the gnocchi cooked nicely. A little too soft for my liking, but that is probably due to continued steaming in the container.

Despite the travel, the food still held up. It will definitely be on my watch, if only I can find someone to go with, or people that live close enough and wouldn’t mind coming along with me. Pricing might be a bit high if it weren’t for the deal, but I think the quality and service makes up for it, even with the drive. This will be another addition to my ongoing list of great Neapolitan pizzerias.

cotto enoteca pizzeria
6011 hastings street
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