man ri sung korean restaurant

I invited Momo & Son out for dinner, hoping that Cousin would join so that I could try the Pecking Duck at Man Ri Sung that I’ve heard all about. Pecking Duck, served table side Korean style seemed weird enough, but I was told they were known for it and was very delicious. Unfortunately, Cousin was not able to join us that night so we decided to try it next time, but we got a chance to see how the chef serves the dish at an opposite table.


We ordered a few items, in hopes that this would be a light dinner unlike last time. Like any traditional Korean restaurants, banchans were brought out promptly after our order.


Banchan – sweet potatoes, kimchi, sesame beansprouts, oshinko The potatoes were a bit too hard for my liking, and rather bitter more than sweet. Kimchi was seasoned nicely, whereas the beansprouts were bland with just a hint of sesame oil. The oshinko was sprinkled with a bit of gochu garu, Korean chili flakes, it was not bad but nothing surprising about it since it was store bought. Overall, average set of Banchans compared to other Korean restaurants I’ve had in Lower Mainland.


Boiled Dumplings

What can I say, I just really wanted dumplings. It had your typical pork filling, a bit bland for my taste but the wrapper was good. It had a nice thickness containing the pork, without being too gummy when boiled.


Beef Short Rib Soup

I refrained from ordering my usual Kimchi Soup, and went for the Beef Rib instead to keep this meal mild, since last time we went full out spicy. I still asked for a side of gochu garu to add that extra kick. It was served with vermicelli, lettuce, mushrooms, egg, and a a pretty fair quantity of beef. Even though it is a clear soup, there is a lot of flavour and umami from the beef. You can tell that the stock had been boiled for hours, that or a lot of MSG, I don’t think it’s the later since I didn’t feel thirsty afterwards. This could be a meal in itself for the amount of ingredients that were in there.


Pan Fried Squidspicy pan fried squid with various vegetables 

The menu picture made it look much more spicy because of its red colour, but to be fair we did ask for mild spicy because of the Son. It had a good amount of zucchini and squid, flavour wise was alright, I was a little bit disappointed, though I like zucchini there was too much and not enough other ‘various vegetables’ as the menu listed.


Beef Chowmein

The noodles used for this dish looks to be the Chinese Knife-Carved Noodles, I assume they make in house. It had a good bite to it, very nice texture that absorb the flavours of the ingredients that it was stir fried with very nicely. Unlike the other dishes which was loaded in ingredients, this one had more noodles than beef or vegetables. Nonetheless it was still enjoyable.

This is a pretty small restaurant, in a somewhat rundown complex across from Richmond Public Market, but the food here is pretty legit and good on pricing. I would love to come back with a larger group to try the duck feasts, along with their bigger hot pots. Not to say that Momo and I don’t already eat enough for two people, but then I wouldn’t need to roll out the door once I’m finished.

man ri sung korean restaurant
140 – 8211 westminister highway
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