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Mama had gifted me a voucher she had purchased on an Asian website for Black + Blue. The voucher was for a set meal for two people, it included a glass of Prosecco to start, half-dozen oysters and Caesar salad to share, prime rib for main, and a duo dessert to finish it off. It was a pretty good deal, given the venue with the menu items verses the price, however, the catch was that it could only be enjoyed on Sundays in a specific time range. It made the voucher that much harder to use, it wasn’t used until the last day before it expired.

Andrew also had a voucher from Mama, so we decided to do a ‘double’ date with him and his wife, and me with Ren. Ren and I were the first to arrive, so we decided to grab a drink or so up at The Roof at Black + Blue.



Ren and I decided to get seated at the bar, it looked more relaxed and casual, with an open kitchen we can check out how the whole restaurant operates. Out bartender-server was very friendly, and had time to chitchat with us despite the rush of drinks he was pushing out. He recommended us both drinks just by our appearance, unfortunately The Roof did not have an online menu of their cocktails so I am unable to tell you what this drink consisted of. Judging by the appearance, it was a girly martini with a cranberry juice base. A nice light drink to be enjoyed up top The Roof on a summer evening.


Complimentary Prosecco Patrón

Andrew and wife arrived right when we finished our drinks, we moved promptly to our assigned tables and let the feasting begin. The complimentary Prosecco was crisp and bubbly, nothing to complain about that there. The shot of Patrón was actually a gift from Andrew’s acquaintance which was seated just a few tables away from us. What a fun way to start the night huh?


Aquinas – cabernet sauvignon

Our server recommended this wine, saying that it was one of her favourites, and that it paired nicely with out prime rib. It had a very nice, deep and rich flavour to it, that didn’t have much tannins. It was a smooth and easy drinker, but you can tell that it was meant to be enjoyed with red meats and not by itself on the patio.

CIMG0449Mussels & Fritessalt spring mussels, white wine, garlic, herbs & crispy frites

Aside from the appetizers that were included in the voucher, we decided to order some items on the side as well. The mussels were nice and plump, served with matchstick fries that had a drizzle of garlic aioli on top. I would have enjoyed this dish more if the aioli was served on the side, that way it would not be as messy to eat the fries and having the contradictive flavour and texture with the white wine sauce.

CIMG0448Bone Marrow Steak Tartarebone marrow, red onions & scallions, quail egg served with brioche toast

This was their special for the night, a change from their usual Steak Tartare in the sense that this one had bone marrow. After hearing our server explain the details of this dish, it was a unanimous decision that we had to order it. Hands down, by far this is THE best steak tartare I’ve had in a while. I might be a bit biased, but it is the bone marrow that makes this dish shine. The umami and creaminess of the dish, not at all too heavy, makes the perfect combination, if only it were added to their menu permanently. I will come just for this dish.


Raw Oysters

About midway through our add-ons, the appetizers from the voucher were brought forth. I forgot which oysters these were, but most likely their cheapest one. They were still good, fresh with a bit of salt water to them.


Caesar Saladprepared tableside

Despite what the menu had said, our Caesar was not prepared tableside, it came to our table looking exactly like this. There was nothing interesting about this dish, a bit under seasoned and looking like those Caesar Salad Kits that were prepackaged with romaine, croutons and dressing that you just bring home and toss. A bit disappointed.


Prime Ribyorkshire pudding, mashed potatoes, seasonal vegetables & red wine jus

Finally, onto the main course and highlight of the dinner, the Prime Rib. There’s always always a huge debate and fuss about the steaks over at Black + Blue, those that say it’s the best, and those that say The Keg is better with a cheaper price point. I stand in the middle, there is room for improvement on some cuts, and I do believe Hy’s or Gotham has better steaks, but they’re on a different price point. Black + Blue is just a step above The Keg in the sense of venue and name, but nowhere near touching the two I had mentioned. Their Prime Rib, was such a dish, where I do believe The Keg does it better. All four of us had ordered our steaks rare, for fear that it will be overdone or dry since Black + Blue tends to age their meats. It did come pink, however, because of the aging process even the red wine jus didn’t help much to give it more moisture. It had good flavour and a nice rub, but falls short against its competitors.


Mushroomsgarlic & herbs


Brussels Sproutslemon, capers, parmesan & chili flakes

Of course the mashed potatoes with seasonal vegetables, which was just a slice of zuccini and carrot was not enough for us. We added on two sides; mushrooms and their famous brussels. The crimini mushrooms were nice, and the brussels sprouts are just as I remember them. I’ve tried before to recreate them at home, most likely because I do not have a deep fryer, roasting them doesn’t give them the crisp texture that these ones have.



Desserts were a raspberry cheesecake and another different type of cake filled with cream. As you can tell by my description, they weren’t that memorable.

Overall, the company was excellent, our server great and food was a hit and miss. Steaks are done nicely, if you enjoy deep flavours over juiciness, pricing is more towards the higher end of the spectrum. It’s a nice fine dine, but I wouldn’t necessarily choose this restaurant myself.

the roof at black + blue
1032 alberni street
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black + blue
1032 alberni street
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