burgoo – mount pleasant

Another revisit, which I’m sure I’ve had plenty since my last time there, but this time instead of the usual I did step out of my comfort zone and try something new.

Just a regular girls’ afternoon patio trip after helping AH8 move to my place. She’ll be my roommate for a few weeks or so, until things cleared up at home. After the move we were feeling munchy, so headed off to Burgoo’s patio for a nice drink and snacks.


Strong Strawberry Lemonade

We shared a pitcher of the Strong Strawberry Lemonade, it seemed to be the perfect choice of drink for such a fine patio day, and every other table also had a fruit cocktail of sorts. It wasn’t as strong as the name claims, but it packed enough fruity sourness, specially enjoyed the addition of fresh muddled strawberries. It lacked a little fizz, which would have made this drink just that much close to perfection.


Cevichelime marinated tilapia with tomato, red onion, jalapeño & cilantro, served with organic corn tortillas

Something new! We wanted to keep things light as we sat there sipping away the Sun. The Ceviche was a good choice, the lime was refreshing, with a pop of spiciness here and there because of the jalapeño. The portion size was fair, given the price and the amount of flaky fish that it offered. The tortillas were fine, I could have ate the ceviche without it like a fatty, one spoonful at a time.


Beef Bourguignontraditionally prepared with red wine braised beef, caramelized pearl onions, carrots & mushrooms

Of course I had to order my all-time-favourite dish. I do not need to repeat myself, as it is the same deliciousness as the many other times before.

It felt as if were were there forever because that was all the food we ordered and it took us two hours to finish. Yet not at the same time because of the conversations and fun that we had. We were pretty full after slowly consuming the pitcher along with the food, service and atmosphere was good as always. It was another enjoyable meal to put in the books.

burgoo – mount pleasant
3096 main street
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