river club restaurant & pub

This isn’t a review for food, but for drinks. Since I had arrived rather late, their kitchen had already been closed.

On the outside, it looks like a rundown pub right across from Richmond RCMP, what better place to have a bar right? Inside doesn’t make it much better, though clean, it is all sorts of things. With pool tables, dart machines, karaoke with Asian music, even a beer pong table. It looks like a dive bar for on-budget university students. The owners was a pleasant couple, fun and entertaining, they gave a much more relaxed vibe, somewhat like the staff from The Famous Warehouse. They still served chips after hours, which was nice.

They had a full bar, none of the fancy stuff just usual essentials, imported and exported beer on tap and off, and a good array of wine that was reasonably priced.

One of their house specialties, or so the female owner claimed, was the “Inception”. Like the movie, it is a drink within a drink, within a drink. Of course, they were probably not the one that first invited the drink as it can be found all over Google. I believe the ones who have concocted such an inebriated drink would be the Tipsy Bartender, video here.


Inception: Bacardi 151, Jägerbomb, vodka & OJ

Everyone had to have it, once I heard what it is, no way I was going down this ship alone. I substituted the orange juice for pineapple instead, hence the lighter coloured pitcher on the far right. I find that pineapple juice is a better chaser in cutting the aftertaste of vodka than orange. It’s more sweet, whereas orange would end off with a bit of tartness and citrus.


The initial shot was a regular whisky, but I decided to make it even more exciting by changing it to Bacardi 151. When you remove the first shot, the shot of Jägermeister gets dropped into a glass filled with Red Bull, hence the name Jägerbomb. When you pick up the Jägerbomb, the vodka then continues to drop into the pitcher of juice, first one finishes is the winner, last one has to pay. This drink contraption came to about 20$, which is an incredibly good deal with the amount of alcohol it involves, and the fun and experience the drink has to offer. I’m not too sure if it was because the owners and my friend were friends, or if this is just the regular price. Either way, it was a steal.

It’s hangout, don’t expect anything fancy but be ready to come for a super fun time. Also, loud Asian karaoke for background music.

river club restaurant & pub
11111 horseshoe way
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