guu kobachi

After our meal over at ShuRaku, we headed straight to Guu Kobachi because the night was just too young, and I was missing my Saba Ponzu.

We started with a half liter of 伝統 Dentojunmai, even though it is just a Junmai sake, the price is quiet reasonable for its quality. It comes off smooth and light, with a hint of sweetness near the end, where most Junmai sakes I’ve had in the past just had an off-dry alcohol taste.


AmaebiHotate Sashimi – sweet shrimp & scallop sashimi

Turns out A.ryo didn’t have enough sashimi at ShuRaku and was still craving for more. He went for the Amaebi and Scallops that was on Guu’s fresh sheet that night. Both were very fresh, but the shrimps could have been better. It gave off a slimy-mushy texture even though you can tell it is fresh, that could have been avoided if the chefs took an extra step into running it under cold water before serving. Then again, I’m pretty picky with my raw shrimps unless they’re live.


Goma-aéhouse sesame sauce marinated green beans

It was an interesting take for Goma-aé, as it is usually served with spinach, yet it worked with the green beans. I can’t say much for the taste, it just wasn’t all that exciting.


Pickles; Japanese style 3 kinds assorted pickles

What else to go with sake other than tsukemono. Luckily, they gave me the pickled onions again, this time accompanied with pickled cucumber and blanched bok choi. The onion and cucumbers were my favourite, it was pickled just right that it would not override the taste of the sake or the initial ingredient. The bok choi was rather bland, though it was drizzled with a bit of sesame oil, why it was served as a pickled dish without being pickled was a mystery.



This was a dish on their fresh sheet, I have already forgotten the name or what it even is let alone the flavours. I’m assuming it was just not a memorable dish, so it was best forgotten.


Saba Ponzu; pickled mackerel with onion, ginger, sesame

Of course the dish that ensured this foodventure, Saba Ponzu, had to be ordered. The buttery mackerel was just as tangy and delicious as I remembered it, not at all fishy as some might claim, but I like mackerel so it might be a biased statement.


House Made Tofu

It was a fall special that all Guus were doing, making tofu by scratch table side. Course not from scratch by yourself, it just boils in a little pot beside you according to this video. The lid was already placed on, and we were told not to open it to ensure the tofu turn out nicely, so there was no way of confirming if it was actually in liquid form to begin with. Since I’m no expert in tofu-making, I’ll just believe what the server said.


After about 10 minutes or so, our server came back to check in on us, offering the following condiments for the tofu; grated ginger & daikon, green onions, bonito flakes, and light soy sauce. I apologize for the blurry picture, You add each ingredient into your bowl of tofu for your liking, of course I had everything except for the daikon. The tofu was smooth in texture, similar to that of the Asian tofu desserts, but was rather bland if it were to be eaten by itself.



Lastly, we ordered another deep fried item from the daily specials, and once again I have no idea what it is. I really should make it a habit of taking pictures the menus itself as I’ve mentioned many times before.

Another wonderful night, service is always excellent along with the food, they’re super friendly and excited if you offer them some alcohol. Of course not to the point of intoxication or to bribe them in a sense, but more of an extra ‘tip’ service to show gratitude and a job well done.

guu kobachi
735 denman street
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