sockeye city grill

A gritty Saturday afternoon, there was nothing else Fatboy or I was craving in particular, so we drove around and around till we reached Steveston. It was between Shady Island and Sockeye City, because of bad experience with Shady, we went with the later.

We both weren’t feeling too hungry, probably due to weather, so we just ordered 2 appys and a main to share. Though there were people sitting out on the patio, we opt to sit inside since it was a bit chilly. We sat right beside two Asian males that were out on the patio, and witnessed (at least the aftermath) of one of the male’s bag being taken from someone just walking outside on the pier when they both left for the washroom. Luckily, the other person had money on him, they both blamed the staff and had a huge argument with management, paid for the bill without even touching a bit of their Fish & Chips. I understand that the staff could have paid more attention and maybe handled the situation better since it wasn’t even busy, but in retrospect it can’t be blamed on the restaurant if you leave your belongings unattended and out in the open.

Anyways, back to the food.


1PC Halibut Fish & Chips; coated with home made beer batter, served with fries, coleslaw and our own tartar sauce

Surprisingly, even though all three items were ordered at the same time, this was the first to come. We usually order 2 pieces, but seeing how neither was too hungry we just shared one. It was the same as always, nice batter encasing a juicy, buttery filet of halibut. The only problem was the fries were not crisp enough and was borderline lukewarm. Neither of us ate much of it.


Steamed Mussels; lemon garlic dill broth & garlic bread

Another one of Fatboy’s favourites, seems like a must order for any seafood restaurant, or any restaurant that serves steamed mussels as a fact. He never gets tired of them. We got a lot of mussels, with each one just as plump as the next, there wasn’t as much broth as previous times but it was enjoyable.


Pan Fried Oysterspan fried golden brown with citrus aioli & mango salsa

Fatboy also enjoys his Pan Fried Oysters, since he always got the sandwich. However, what got his attention, aside from not being too hungry to finish a whole sandwich, was the mango salsa. I’ve made one previously for Fatboy and he enjoyed it, hoping it would be similar or least interesting, he set his hopes high for this dish. Unfortunately got shot down quiet hard. The mango salsa were just two large pieces of frozen and packaged mangoes, still very sour, with a few pieces of bell peppers. There was no other dressing or seasoning aside from the fresh cracked pepper, that’s probably what you get when mangoes aren’t in season, that being said, I don’t think they would invest in fresh mangoes for this dish even if they were.

This visit to Sockeye City wasn’t an enjoyable one, food wasn’t on par with previous visits, nor was staff attentive despite the empty restaurant. I can assume that what happened to the patrons on the patio might have had some affect on the team, but there were still other customers in need of their service inside. Since the drive isn’t that much closer, I would go to Vancouver or Downtown next time for my Fish & Chips fix, or even Pajo’s by the beach.

sockeye city grill
3800 bayview street
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