moxie’s grill & bar

Nice Friday afternoon, enjoying the last few rays of the summer sun, a few of us decided to grab enjoy some drinks and snacks after work. What better than Moxie’s on a Friday, with their Friday drink special: the G.T, Moxie’s twist on the gin & tonic, served with 2oz of Tanqueray Gin, muddled fresh lime & leaves with tonic & frozen citrus. Delicious.

A few of the guys got mains, as they’re considering it dinner, but we all shared a few sides along with drinks out at the patio. Therefore, most of the reviews on the main course will be from what my colleagues told me, I’ll only be able to talk about the appetizers that we shared and drinks that were had.


Calamariwith popcorn shrimp, crispy jalapeños, candied ginger, sriracha aioli & sweet chili sauce

We got the two orders of calamari to share with the table, it was served on top a wooden paddle and piece of toasted nori, a nice ode to Asian culture. I didn’t feel much for the candied ginger, it caught me off guard when I accidentally forked one hoping it was squid. The batter wasn’t too exciting either, it didn’t crisp up the squid resulting it to succumb to its own chewy nature. Dipping sauces were sub par, mayonnaise mixed with sriracha, and the usual Thai chicken chili sauce. Did make for passable pub food.


Double Cheese Nachos

The cheese was nicely layered, under my instructions as I’ve had bad past exiperences, It came hot with diced tomatoes, pickled jalapeños, It came with a side of salsa, guacamole and sour cream in cute tortilla chip shells, it makes me think that they fry the chips fresh themselves, which would not be hard to do. It was a surprise to see guacamole included, even though you can’t see it from the picture, since usually it would be a couple dollar extra surcharge for it. Both the guacamole and salsa were good, but once again just passing for the usual pub fare.


Oven Roasted Free-Run Chickendouble breast of chicken lightly dusted in seasoned flour, herbed goat cheese, roasted lemon with fresh green beans & baby potatoe

My coworker enjoyed the chicken, saying that despite it being the breast it was still moist and tender. However, he didn’t understand what he was supposed to do with the roasted lemon, along with the addition of goat cheese that had herbs sprinkled on top. The vegetables were roasted nicely though.


Sirloin with Compound Prawn & Lobster Butter7oz, chorizo, baby potato & corn hash with chimichurri

I was lucky enough to steal a bite from this dish, and that butter was divine. As it slowly melts, it incorperates the scent of the shellfish nicely with the side vegetables and steak itself. The chorizo had a nice spice to it, but the ‘hash’ was a disappointment of just stirfried corn with spinach and the potatoes.


Sirloin 7ozserved with lemon quinoa & seasonal vegetables

Most of the guys just got steaks, save another aside from the chicken that got a bowl of some sort. They were too far away for me to photograph, also the dish didn’t seem that interesting. According to my coworker, this dish was bland, the quinoa had minimal flavour, with under seasoned green beans and squash, at least his steak was cooked to a good medium rare.

It was a nice happy hour after work, with work, food was alright given that it is a big chain. Nothing too memorable bout each dish, aside that it did its job of being filling along with our drinks, without tasting too terrible. Reasonably priced, so would come back for a quick hang out over drinks, but would not stay for the food per se.

moxie’s grill & bar
3233 saint edwards drive
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