burgoo – mount pleasant

I don’t know how many times I can reiterate this – but I will never get tired of Burgoo, and judging by the following photos, you would have never believed it was just a meal for two. Surprisingly, Big Fly has NEVER been to Burgoo before, which was blasphemy to me. He even made me rethink our friendship by asking the question: “What’s so great about soups and sandwiches?”

It  was the morning after our disappointing meal at Ikura, which we made ourselves forget by in-taking more alcohol back at my place. Being still slightly hungover, what better than to douse yourself with comfort food?


Strong Strawberry Lemonade

Of course, we chose to sit out in the patio to enjoy the last rays of Summer, and what better to cure a mild hangover than with more alcohol? I assure you, I am we are not alcoholics. It was refreshing and kept us hydrated throughout the meal.


Crab Bisquesmooth crab & red pepper cream bisque scented with fennel, finished with chopped parsley

Dos Diablos; two grilled, angle cut, house baguette sandwiches with creamy melted white chedder, chunks of spicy chorizo sausage & roasted red pepper

I got the After School Special, which consisted of any Soup Cup paired with a Sandwich of your choice. I’ve had the Dos Diablos sandwich before, but the soup was a first, seeing how it’s Big Fly’s first I thought I’d step out of my comfort zone and try new things as well. The sandwich was nicely done, the cheese held everything together, balancing out the spicy chorizo and the smokey peppers. The soup was nice and thick, very hearty and no fillers, each spoonful had decent amounts of crab. My only turnoff was the chopped Italian parsley, it may just be my personal preference, but I find the flavours of it raw is too overbearing for my taste.


Sunset Corn & Chickencorn, free run chicken & light cream spiked with chipotle & cumin, finished with crema fresca & cilantro

Caesar Saladwith bistro made dressing, fresh parmesan reggiano & crunchy croutons

Big Fly didn’t want something ‘too heavy’ after hearing my orders, so he went for the Light Delight which pairs any Soup cut with a Side Salad. The Caesar Salad was your usual fare, it lacked a little black pepper to give it that extra boost. The soup on the other hand was amazing. Adding a squeeze of fresh lime juice enhances the flavours, making it less heavy with a bit of complexity. It’s hard to explain, but took me by surprise as I would have never thought of adding citrus to a cream base soup. The corn was sweet, I enjoyed the addition of cilantro more so than my parsley, maybe it’s the Asian in me.


BBQ Pork Potato Hashpulled pork, potato, spinach & roasted garlic hash, baked with free run scrambled eggs & cheddar, finished with our down home BBQ sauce

Something Big Fly wanted to try, it was new for me as well since it’s only listed on their Brunch Menus. It was loaded with stringy cheese, just pulling away with each bite. With plenty of succulent pork and potatoes, this dish was actually quiet heavy. Drizzled with a smokey barbecue sauce and chopped parsley, my highlight was the pickled jalapeño.


Macaroni & Morechock full of aged white chedder, onion, thyme, bacon & peas, baked with seasoned breadcrumbs

Lastly, the Mac & Cheese More was ordered for my love of cheese, and I thought why not go the full mile? Unfortunately, this was a bit of a let down. Though there were tons of cheese, the top did not crisp up enough for me. Aside from that, it felt a bit bland as well, though thyme was listed as an ingredient I could not taste it.


An aerial view of our meal, even the server was taken aback, but being the eater that we are, everything was finished. Another wonderful meal, give the few mishaps, I’ll let them have an off-day. It still would not turn me away from this haven of mine.

burgoo – mount pleasant
3096 main street
Burgoo Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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