crackle crème

A new dessert place just rolled out in the outskirts of Chinatown, serving up something new from the usual ice creams, waffles, crêpes and Asian desserts – crème brûlée. After biking around downtown, Helen, Chase and I decided to drop by this place to check out what all the commotion’s about.


It’s a small one-man show, offering limited coffee selections and a few Belgian liège waffles. Mainly, the focus is on small batches of uniquely flavoured crème brûlée. With a small and focused menu, targeting such a niche dessert market, you know the owner must have his brûlées on point.


The interior is very simple and clean, there is even complimentary flavoured water being served out of a mason jar dispenser, very hipster-like. You definitely get a sense from how Chinatown is slowly being rebuilt and renewed with all these local businesses.


Baileys Honey Lavender

Unfortunately, my attempts to capture the brûlée-ing in process was a fail. The speed and precision as he spoons the right amount of sugar, spinning the ramekin as it was being torched was a spectral. I’ve only ever torched my brûlées after I’ve evened out the sugar, and on a flat surface. The way he was doing it showed his passion and also accuracy from constantly repeating those steps to avoid burning any fingers. After a long discussion, Helen and I finally decided on the Baileys and Honey Lavender crème brûlée. The sugar was torched perfectly, not burned, it was a bit hard to crack but not overly sweet. Once broken, it revealed a creamy and smooth custard. The Baileys was our favourite, the flavours were prominent and balanced throughout. The Lavender on the other hand, though retained the perfect consistency as the Baileys, was a little overpowering with Lavender flavours. I didn’t mind it, but I can see how others – such as Helen, which is not used to floral flavours would feel as if they were eating perfume.


liège waffleswith adult nutella

The ‘adult’ part in the Nutella was because a liqueur was added to it, I’m assuming it would be hazelnut flavoured. The dough was stretched out and placed inside the waffle maker. Chase enjoyed it, while both Helen and I thought it was nothing special. It was not overly sweet, but very doughy for my liking.

It’s good to see something out of the norm, and specially if you can meet the owners up front and witness their passion and love for the things they do. There were other flavours written on the glass that I would have loved to try out, which I’m sure in time I’ll be revisiting this place very soon as I wouldn’t be able to contain my sweet tooth.

crackle crème
245 union street
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