kisamos greek taverna

Nothing can get between me and a good lamb dish, especially if it’s the tender-fall-off-the-bone style Greek ones. Since A.ryo treated me to a lovely dinner at La Buca, it’s time for my turn to return the favour with something he doesn’t normally eat.

I’ve been here few times before, aside from it being in Steveston, there was no reason I would not return. Service might be slow at times, especially during rush hour, as I think they might be short staffed. Even then, for a fair-sized restaurant, the servers were polite and smiling. It is very homey, and has probably seen better days as some aspects seem old and worn but that can all be overlooked due to their large portions packed full of flavours.



Luckily, I was the one that arrived first. To continue on with our tradition, I ordered a glass of their house Sangria. It was alright, a bit watered down for my liking, with bits of previously frozen peaches that I didn’t care much for.


Musselssteamed to perfection in white wine, herbs & garlic

We decided to get something simple for a starter, just to get A.ryo warmed up to the Greek flare. Yet what was ordered was Mussels, made in a way that you can find in any other restaurants. The mussels weren’t as plump as we’d like, and pretty boring in my opinion. Nothing really stood out for me in this dish, maybe if there was a little more broth to help soak up the pita that I would give this dish a better rating.


Souvlakia Dinners – pork, served with rice pilaf, oven roasted potatoes, Greek salad & tzatziki

A.ryo went for the Pork Souvlakia since I ordered the lamb, it came as a disappointment since it only had one skewer. The pork was juicy and well seasoned, it was cooked perfectly with a hint of char adding some extra depth to the tender pork. He didn’t feel anything towards the rice but the potatoes were definitely the highlight for him like I’ve promised.


Roasted Lamba tender portion of lambs, slowly cooked to perfection, served with our minted gravy, rice pilaf, oven roasted potatoes, Greek salad & tzatziki

I gave A.ryo a bit of my lamb and he was convinced I cheated him when the orders were placed. He enjoyed my entrée a lot more, with the tender-fall-off-the-bone meat, that just melts in your mouth without even moving a muscle. The best part of it was the gravy, it flawlessly highlights the gameyness of the meat. The potatoes was also another best part of the dish. They’re roasted nicely, still retaining the firm textures of a potato unlike other places which turns too mushy. There is also an addictive sweetness to the glaze that can be found on them, I can’t seem to figure out what though. Adding a dash of Tabasco and tzatziki to the rice does brighten it up a bit.

After this visit, it is proven that I should not stray from what I know. Not to say the order dishes were bad, they just weren’t as great. I will just have to stick with my succulent lamb and potatoes from now on, and for those that I first introduce to this restaurant to do the same as well.

kisamos greek taverna
3420 moncton street
Kisamos Greek Taverna Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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