romer’s burger bar – kitsilano

I’ve heard that Romer’s Burger Bar serves some kickass burgers, it has always been on my go-to list, and with three locations there shouldn’t have been any excuses not to have gone yet. Only thing that was holding me back was how much was I will to pay for a ‘gourmet’ burger when places like Famous Warehouse serves a pretty convincing one for a price of $4.95.

Luckily, I forgot what topic we were on, but RC suggested going to Romer’s for dinner after work. Course I took to the opportunity to cross off another name on my list. I really liked the exterior, it had a nice signage agasint wooden planks, it gave character showing you that it’s not just a burger bar. The decor inside reflected that as well, it felt more like an upscale bar than anything with the dimmed lighting and nicely upholstered seating.


Honey Thyme Lemonade  gin, honey thyme syrup, lemon juice & soda

Tequila Paloma – tequila, grapefruit, ginger syrup, soda & lime

We started with a drink, ordering from their “4 Buck Everyday Minglers” after being seated at a cocktail table near the back. My Honey Thyme Lemonade came in a tall glass, having herbs infused with a cocktail was what piqued my interest in this drink to begin with. You can definitely taste the sweetness from the honey, but the thyme seems to be missing, but overall it was a good drink. RC’s Tequila Paloma on the other hand was too overbearing in the ginger syrup. It is not an exaggeration because of my hate for ginger, RC even commented on it as well, but he enjoyed it nonetheless.


The Chorizodorchorizo-spiced pork & beef patty, cheddar, pepper jack, Boursin, vine-ripened tomato, sweet onion, avocado & diablo sauce

Selfish Size Truffle Oil & Reggiano Fries

This was a tough choice, as there were a few other burgers that I was debating to order, but The Chorizodor came out the winner due to the spice it seemed to offer. The burgers here offer a whole array of fries you could add on to the side, for a price, with sizing for personal or sharing. I got the safe choice by choosing the Selfish Size, as it is more than plenty to share with the loaded burger. Given the price, the size was average but the quality and quantity of gourmet ingredients was unquestionably what gave this burger a $13 mark. The patty was juicy and moist, and nicely seasoned with the chorizo, giving it that perfect kick with the perfectly melted cheese on top. The Boursin and avocado were a nice touch, but were fancy gimmicks that I could have done without, but then the price would not have been justified. The fries were nice and crisp, and came pipping hot to the table enhancing the aromas of the truffle oil.


Magic Mushroom Burgerhand-crafted beef patty, caramelized onions, sauteed portobello mushrooms, herb garlic Boursin & baby arugula. add on: fried egg

Selfish Size Yammy Fries – spicy banana ketchup & chipotle aioli

It was a bigger dilemma for RC to choose his burger as well, if only they had an option to build your own. He went ahead with his initial choice, and my second, the Magic Mushroom with the addition of a fried egg. To which he claims makes everything taste better. I was offered a meager bite of his burger, which probably didn’t do much as I find mine to be far more superior. The egg was a nice touch, though I only had a bit of the whites, I can just imagine what the yolk oozing and offering the burger a much needed umami-ness. The yam fries were good, with two solid dipping sauces, the ketchup was my favourite.


Deep Fried Picklesfresh dill & garlic dill sauce

Anything deep fried goes, and the same goes for pickles. I’ve always wanted to try this seeing my friend post up pictures of all the deep fried goodies she enjoyed (some not so much) at the Texas State Fair. Of course this would be nothing compared to the real stuff down south, but these were done up pretty nicely. Very crisp coating that still held up to the wet pickle even after sitting out for a bit. The dipping sauce just amplified the tangy and zesty attributions of the pickle, this was much more enjoyable than both of our sides combined.


Mason Jar Caesar


Spritzer Cocktail – limoncello

We ordered another round of drinks to help finish off the greasy sides. I really liked the Lone Tree Cider mason jar my Caesar was served in. The drinks were pretty standard, nothing much to note about them.

Both of us were holding our bellies walking out by the end of the night though it’s just my standard affair. I think we both might have underestimated the effects of a fully loaded gourmet burger, though it was an interesting experience I don’t think I would be willing to pay this much for a burger again. Service was friendly, however, I think the timing from the kitchen could have been handled a bit better as we got all our food together. Normally that wouldn’t have been a problem, but seeing how our table is so small, the plates of our main events were sticking out and was in danger of falling off with the slightest touch in the wrong places. Then again, that couldn’t really have been blamed, because who would have thought two little people can eat so much.

romer’s burger bar – kitsilano
1873 west 4th avenue
Romer's Burger Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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