daimo noodle express

With a name like “Daimo” I always expected it to be a Japanese restaurant whenever I drove by. After my encounter at Ikura Japanese Restaurant, I was already skeptical about trying anymore places around the Marpool area that has seen ‘better days’. Unless it is recommended by reputable people and not third party accounts. It seems that I never learn, as once again with the guidance of Big Fly, we decided to try this place out.

Daimo is located in a corner of a small complex, if you can even call it one, with limited parking. The interior along with service is what you would normally see from a Hong Kong cafe/Cantonese noodle house. It didn’t give me high hopes, nor did it disappoint, because I walked in and knew what to expect – or so I thought.


Cold Lemon Tea Cold Hong Kong Style Milk Tea

Having drank the night before, we both were in dire need of hydration. My milk tea had barely any flavours to it, watered down and bland, it was forgettable but did the job of quenching my thirst. Big Fly felt the same about the Lemon Tea as well.


Deep Fried Prawns Wonton

Big Fly insisted on ordering this dish, saying that he hasn’t had it for a while, claiming that I probably never had its like before. As the name suggests, it is just wontons that have been deep fried. The skins were crispy without the need of any batter, it encased juicy prawns and was served along side a sweet & sour sauce, kind of like the plum sauce that came with BBQ ducks. It was just ‘alright’.


Pepper Salted Deep Fried Squid

Another deep fried side dish was ordered that came together with everything else. The price did not justify the sizing of this dish, neither did the mediocre execution. It was heavily battered, not even to the point of crispy, with very subtle salty and spiciness to it. It lacked in flavour and it didn’t help that there was no side sauce to make things better.

CIMG0650 Noodle Soup With Beef Tendon & “Thick Noodles”

There were some problems ordering our noodle dish, since we both couldn’t decide between beef brisket or tendon, or both. We ended up with both separately, that way there would be more to share. Big Fly went with the ‘thick noodles’, I’m actually not too sure of the name since he said it in Chinese. The noodles were interesting, with the tendons being tender yet still retaining some bite. It wasn’t braised in anything, as it was rather flavourless.


Noodle Soup With Beef Brisket & “Wonton Noodles”

The only noodles I know how to order. I was sad that I didn’t have as much toppings as Big Fly, my portion was obviously much smaller down to even the bok choi that was served. The soup was clear and passable, a good amount of MSG might have been involved because it made me pretty thirsty afterwards. Then again, I did put in a good teaspoon worth of chili oil in it.

Would I be returning? Most likely not, with all the other noodle houses in Richmond, I can easily overlook this one since it is just across the bridge. There is no redeeming factor for me, not even price as it is just average if not slightly above food court standards for food court quality.

daimo noodle express
8185 granville street
Daimo Noodle Express Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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