trattoria italian kitchen – kitsilano

RC had a friend returning from Hong Kong and wanted something other than Japanese to dine on. Being a Wednesday, I automatically thought of Wine Wednesdays, what better to get through the middle of the week than by being classy with a few bottles glasses of wine. I looked online to see what other restaurants offered wine specials and came across Trattoria by Glowbal Group. I’ve had my prejudice towards large chained restaurants, especially for such a huge company like Glowbal, but who can who can say no to 50% off bottles of wine? That’s basically liquor store pricing if their markups are the usual 100%.


Burrowing Owl – merlot

We started off with the Burrowing Owl Merlot, I’m not much of an Merlot drinker since I find them to usually be too strong in tannins and oakiness, but RC’s friend, Fourth, likes the heavier stuff. The Burrowing Owl was actually not that bad, though it was dense, it was quiet velvety and easy to drink.


Gnocchitomato cream sauce, vodka, roasted garlic, fennel sausage

We just got a few things to share, RC, Fourth and his girlfriend didn’t have any preferences so it ended up being my responsibility to order. The Gnocchi sounded interesting since vodka was listed as an ingredient. It was pillowy and cooked nicely, I didn’t get the vodka but the sausage was good.


Brussels Sproutslemon, capers, chilies & parmigiano reggiano

Brussels are a must order for me at any Glowbal restaurant, I even think it’s their signature dish since its in all the restaurants. These were nicely done, crispy and delicious. The cheese was shaved fresh at table side, just to be clear, a normal order does not have that much cheese. I just requested the server to continue shaving, and not stop her.


Burrata & Quincelardo & basil on herb crostini 

I didn’t expect one order would just come with two crostinis, it was rather tough to share between 4 people but we managed. The cheese was really creamy and, of course, the star of the dish. I wasn’t particularly fond of anything else that was on the toast.


Masi – campofiorin

We ended the meal with one more wine, a classic and well known Masi, the Campofiorin. I really enjoy Italian wines, so it’s a no-brainer that I liked this one more than the Burrowing Owl. The Campofiorin is a rather medium body red, not super dry, with very powerful fruits and berry flavours, and ending off on a hint of smokey oak.

Overall, the food was good, service was great, wine night excellent. I will surely be back, most, every other Wednesday for this deal as long as they have it.

trattoria italian kitchen – kitsilano
1850 west 4th avenue
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