L’ufficio, my favourite wine bar beside La Quercia, my favourite Italian restaurant. There is no doubt that these establishments are my go-tos, my first to recommend, they’ve won over my heart with the impeccable food and service they have to offer. The owners and staff are doing it right; the attention to details, the love and care for food and wines that are on the menu, every aspect of them I love.

To show my gratitude to A.ryo, for helping me recently in my time of need, I wanted to bring him to one of my beloved wine bar.


Sportoletti – assisi grechetto

L’ufficio specializes in Italian cuisines and wines, not knowing more than half of the wine list, or being able to pronounce that as a fact, I usually trust in the servers to make a decision for me. They have yet to disappoint me. This was recommended by my favourite server after we told her what we were feeling, I keep forgetting to ask for her name! This was a light and refreshing white wine, easy going and perfect for summer patios and casual chatting.


Antipasto Board – one person

The menu is all written on the chalkboard behind the bar, so I really don’t remember what half of what was ordered were. There were different prices for Antipasto Boards, but I find the ‘One Person’ option is a good amount for two already. It is ever changing, depending on what they have in stock and what is in season. Also what the chef feels like putting on your particular board, because yours might be different from your neighbors even though the same option was ordered. For today’s board I got the chicken liver pâté, another crostini of sorts, roasted red bell peppers. Meats there was a prosciutto di parma, another cured meat, and a salami. Everything on this board was delicious, most of them made in house, sometimes even the meats. However, the highlight was their care for the customers, even though I ordered the board for ‘one person’, the portions was meant for two.


Pickled Things

Like the name implies, it’s an array of things pickled. I had forgotten to mention no olives, but it was okay since A.ryo eats them. There were carrots, cornichons, onions and button mushrooms, all very tangy, making a delectable and appetizing tapa.


Pork Terrine

Served along side crostinis, grainy mustard and a few pickled mushrooms and onions. It was well seasoned, velvety and smooth, yet you still got chunky textures of meat for contrast. It was a good portion for the price.


Olive Oil Poached Salmon

I forgotten the actual name, but this was essentially what it was. I’ve had it before when I ordered the One Person Antipasto, but seeing how it wasn’t on this time I just had to order it à la carte. Because that was just how great that dish was, that it left a lasting impression on me. Luckily, it was on the menu, and it was exactly how I remembered it. The salmon, though being sockeye, was not dry and was buttery smooth and melted in your mouth. There were more pickled, fennel I believe, on top to help cut through the richness of the dish.


Panna Cottawith blueberry compote

It was nearing last call, so A.ryo made the decision based on his sweet tooth to order a dessert. It wasn’t too complicated, so the kitchen was able to bring it out at the end even though we weren’t quiet finished, it didn’t feel too intrusive. The panna cotta was very milky, almost too milky to eat on its own, which made the blueberries perfect paring to balance it.

Another wonderful night at L’ufficio. What more can a girl ask for, than to be indulged in exquisite food with world class service. I can’t stop raving about this place, even writing this post in the afternoon already has me craving for some wine.

3687 west 4th avenue
L'Ufficio Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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