hapa beach

Let me just put this our here first, I’ve never went to any of the Hapa franchise. It was never on my lists of ‘must tries’, it just seemed like an overly packaged, high end form of Izakayas. Biased, yes, but it’s just my opinion. I’m sure they might serve up some really good Japanese fare with a ‘fusion’ twist, but they just never appealed that much to me. If it weren’t for Nook being a full house, we wouldn’t have stumbled across the street to grab a few drinks while waiting.


Ahi Tuna Sashimi

Being the drinkers our party was, there were a whole array of alcohol on our table before the food was ordered. There were house sakes, both cold and hot, and beer. Alvin wanted some sashimi, and went for the Ahi under the recommendation of our server. It came very nicely presented, cut perfectly into even strips and a beautiful pink hue. I was amazed at the knifework, but at the back of my mind I  can’t help but think of all the ‘extras’ that was cut off to form these beautiful pieces of sashimi. It was fresh, but I found it rather small to share between our group of 4.

CIMG0805Negitorochopped albacore tuna, spring onions, toasted garlic bread

And alfalfa. When this was brought to our table, everyone gave each other the confused look meaning: “What is this?”, “Is this ours?” One would have never thought this was the Negitoro because it was doused in a sweet, soy sauce based dressing, similar to tartare. The bread-to-topping ratio is way off the charts, and the bread wasn’t even that garlicky. For further confirmation of the size of the Negitoro, the spoon used to scoop it up is a teaspoon. Once again, it was just enough to allow one small dollop on each bread, per person on our table.


Hapa Hot Wingslightly fried, spicy serrano chili sauce

The service was already getting on all of our nerves, we waited patiently for our last order so that we could quickly pay and go back across the street. The wings finally came, but to a disappointment. For Alvina, that doesn’t eat much spicy, found these to be ‘just ok’ means something. They felt more baked than fried, with a heavy coating. There weren’t much meat on the bones, nor was it that memorable of a dish.

Final verdict, Hapa Beach was a miss for us. Alvin and them has been to Hapa before, but even they were surprised of how the service and food have gone downhill since. Despite it not being busy, our server was rude and sounded annoyed whenever we asked for a refill of water or alcohol. It was not a pleasant first experience for me, nor would I want to try out their other locations unless I didn’t have a choice.

hapa beach
1516 yew street
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