taishoken ramen

Like there isn’t enough ramen shops saturating all over Downtown, however, Taishoken serves up something new to the masses, and that is tsukemen. Which is essentially like zaru soba, but in this case it’s with cold ramen noodles and hot, concentrated soup.

Taishoken was closed for a few months not too long after opening, there were signs saying that they were doing renovations, but rumours had it that they were going to have a change in ownership. Nonetheless, what does it mean to consumers? Another soft opening promotion; the $5 ramen, in hopes to attract attention and interest. With a normal bowl of ramen being well over $10 nowadays, of course I lept to the idea of such a deal, only problem was who would be crazy enough to go line up with me. Assuming that there will be a line since the promo is only open for a few days and available until sold out, my only option was the last two remaining days on the weekend.


Welcome my partner in crime, that was just as crazy as me for ramen and a good deal, DK. We got there relatively early, 10 minutes before opening, with just a few people in front of us. Then slowly after more and more people showed up, there were plenty of passerbys asking what the lineup was for, as if they’ve never seen one before.

We were seated promptly, decor didn’t change much and was pretty much the standard of all the other ramen shops, with wooden accents, communal and bar tables and a full Japanese staff. The menu only consisted of 3 items; their Torigara-Chicken in Shoyu, Tonkotsu in Shio, and both Spicy and Original for their Tsukemen. I had asked if they were serving side dishes or add-ons if I were to want more of something, our server told us no, that everything was set to a limited quantity.


Nestea Coke

Just some refreshments while we waited for our ramen to arrive. We both ordered the Spicy Tsukemen, so I only took one picture.


Tsukemen  Spicy2 spices of pork chashu, ajitama, negi, memma, nori & naruto

The scallions, bamboo shoots and fishcake came inside the thick broth, while everything else was served separately with the noodles. Our server had asked whether or not we would like our noodles hot or cold, I requested hot because I didn’t want them to cool down the soup, DK did the same. The noodles came warm, they were very eggy compared to the othe ramen places. It had the right amount of thickness, and cooked just right to retain a good bounce. The broth was extremely rich and condensed, it had a nice level of heat and clung onto each strand perfectly. It was a little towards to salty side if taken alone, but with the noodles they were perfect.

Given the fact that this was just $5, they actually gave you a pretty decent portion aside from the chashu, I think they might have skimped a little there. It was overly fat, and felt like eating really thinly sliced, uncrisp bacon. The egg was still nice and gooey, overall a good bowl of ramen.

Service was still kind of all over the place and slow, hopefully it will become better later on once they get the hang of things. Either way, they do serve up some good tsukemen that would even beat out Santouka in my books.

taishoken ramen
515 abbott street
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